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Why I have hope for the world, and how to create more meaning and joy in our lives… while solving the big problems of our times.

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Transcript of Guide to a New Paradigm: How Astrology Reveals the Way Forward

Hi there! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.


The World Has Problems

Do you ever feel a sense of worry or despair about the state of the world, worry for future generations, or wonder if we will ever be able to solve massive problems like racism and climate change?

Sometimes I do. Today I want to tell you why I feel hopeful about the future, and about a powerful tool that can help us have better lives personally and collectively.

I’ve actually been concerned about these problems my entire life, and as a young adult, I was searching for something that would not just gloss over the truth problems we face, or try to fix them with bandaid solutions.


We Need Deeper Answers

In college, I went from one discipline to another seeking deeper answers. I tried classes in psychology, anthropology, and sociology, and it just didn’t cut it. After college, I though, well, maybe what I am looking for is not an academic path so much as a spiritual one.

So I found a school that used a very spiritual approach to healing—using herbs, and older pagan traditions that honored nature and worked with the seasons, the solstices, and equinoxes.

While this approach felt meaningful to me in many ways, I was still left with a feeling that something was missing.

During my studies at the herbal school, I chanced upon someone teaching astrology. I was definitely a skeptic at that time. In fact, in many ways I still do not consider myself a “believer” in astrology, but that’s another story.


Fortunately, Those Answers Exist

Anyway, long story short, I began studying astrology and my eyes were opened to an entire universe of understanding the deeper source of the problems people had, whether they were health problems, social problems, or anything else.

With astrology, you can see what is happening as a process that is part of a bigger cycle. It brings lessons for us to learn, and ways to stretch ourselves and grow into all that we are capable of.

I now see astrology as a system that anyone can learn to use, that shows the context of what we are experiencing—how what is happening fits with the past and how we are creating the future.

Now, 28 years after I took that first astrology class, I have published two books and a chapter in a holistic nursing anthology, too many blog articles to count, and many more newsletters and updates for participants in my member program. All on the subject of how astrology helps us transform our lives and be active participants in solving our collective problems.


This EBook Will Show You How

If you would like to know more about how and why astrology can help us, I’m so excited to let you know that soon I will be re-releasing an eBook I wrote in 2017 that is called:

Secrets of the New Paradigm: How Astrology Reveals the Way Forward

In the eBook I tell you exactly how the astrology of the past decade—from 2010 through 2020—reveals that we are in a potent time of transformation and choice.

This eBook has been updated with new content, explaining the astrology of 2020, so even if you have the version from 2017, you may want to get this new version because it will include a pdf with the new chapter and an audio reading from the author that you can listen to on your computer or smartphone.


All New for 2021

The updated eBook will be released soon and if you’d like to get on my email list to be notified when it’s ready, go ahead and go to astrologyheals.com and sign up for my free gift. The free gift is a wonderful video series that walks you through creating your very own soul-based action plan.

So you’ll get the action plan video series and if the eBook hasn’t been released yet you will be notified when it is available for purchase.

The thing I love so much about astrology is that it feeds my mind’s desire to understand things at deeper levels. Astrology is holistic. It is a system that honors both the physical and the spiritual, the mental and the emotional. It provides a multidimensional language that allows us to see and better understand all parts of ourselves, both rational and irrational.

Astrology can even show the bigger karmic and ancestral patterns you are working on healing, and what your specific role is in that work—how you can learn the lessons you are here to learn, and step into a life that is more meaningful, fun, creative, and aligned with your deeper truth.


New Tools to Bring New Solutions

So if you haven’t yet, I really encourage you to learn more about astrology. It is a system that can support us in transforming into who we need to be in order to move forward, heal, and solve the problems our world faces… to create a better life for future generations, free from the mistakes of the past.

My eBook is a great place to start. It will help you understand the astrological background of the times we are in, what it is asking of each of us, and how that relates to the visions and intentions you have for your own life.

So go to astrologyheals.com and sign up. I will let you know when the updated eBook with audio is available for purchase!

(Update: The eBook is now available! Learn more at astrologyheals.com/paradigm/)

Thanks for watching! I will see you next time. ?