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It’s the Pisces time of year. Here’s a deeper look at Pisces and the archetype of Neptune.

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Transcript of Deeper Meaning: Pisces and the Archetype of Neptune

Hey there, welcome! I am Marina Ormes the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

I’ve been doing astrology since the early 90s and the thing I want to talk to you about today is the planet Neptune and what Neptune is all about.


Astrology is All About Archetypes

Last week I shared a little bit with you about “what are the archetypes.” Archetypes are sets of symbols that create meaning that give us characters and personas that dwell within us and make up our personalities.

So just like we have the archetype of the princess or the archetype of the hero that we can identify with… the archetype of the arch enemy… you know, these different characters and personas that can we can identify with inside of ourselves, but also in stories, movies, mythology, etc.

That is how astrology operates, and when we talk about the science of astrology, that’s really what we’re talking about. We’re talking about how these archetypes have meaning for us and how, psychologically, spiritually, and energetically, we identify with them.


Neptune is the Modern Ruler of Pisces

So, what is the planet Neptune about? By the way, I’m choosing Neptune to talk about because we are in the time of the year when Pisces people have their birthdays. The Sun sign Pisces is born around this time and Neptune is the ruler of Pisces.

Neptune is actually the modern ruler of Pisces. That’s because Neptune wasn’t discovered, technically, until the 1840s. Before that, the ruler of Pisces would’ve been Jupiter and now they’re considered to be co-rulers of the sign of Pisces, but Neptune is a very important planet and it is a very important planet for the sign of Pisces.

Neptune relates to the same qualities that Pisces does. Neptune is, of course, in mythology Neptune was the god of the sea. So Neptune is the energy or the archetype, or the set of symbols and patterns that have to do with the meaning, of spirituality.


Neptune is the Planet of Spirituality

Neptune is about the bigger picture. It is about how we connect with something that is, sort of, bigger than life or has a bigger sense of meaning and truth than the ordinary and the everyday.

One of the things that Neptune relates to is the ways that we connect with the divine. It is about the ways that we connect with something that is outside the ordinary, such as dreams. Or going into shamanic or mystical experiences would be in the realm of Neptune.

But Neptune just can be also how we feel that bigger sense of belonging, such as a connection with nature. A connection with your own… so when you meditate or breathe deeply and connect with sort of a feeling of peace… that can be you connecting with Neptune.

Neptune is about transcendence, and transcending our separation.


Keep Your Boundaries Clear

Transcendent oneness is a feeling of unity and interconnectedness, and Neptune also relates to the dissolving of boundaries, so the ability to sort of pick up on other people’s energies.

You have to consciously have a boundary… to remember where you end and the next person begins. Or, you know, somebody else is having thoughts or feelings to make sure that you’re not absorbing those, picking those up.


What’s Your Neptune Sign?

Everybody has Neptune somewhere. People who have a Pisces Sun have the influence of Neptune because it’s the ruler of their Sun sign, but all of us have Neptune somewhere in our chart.

The sign that Neptune is in, of course because Neptune does stay in a sign for many years… it’s one of those outer slow-moving planets farther away from the Sun farther away from the earth.

Neptune stays in a sign for years at a time meaning that everybody who is born within a certain time period, within several years, has Neptune in the same sign.

You can find out your Neptune sign. You can Google it just based on the year that you were born, but you can also, if you want to know where all the planets are in your chart, you can order a Natal Report from Astrology Heals.

We can provide you with a Natal Report that gives you your chart, but also tells you what sign each of your planets is in and what are the soul lessons for that sign.


Your Neptune Sign Shows Your Spiritual Path

So, if you have Neptune, which, again, everybody has Neptune somewhere… Everybody has a sense of spirituality and the need to connect with something that gives meaning and purpose to their life and that is what the archetype of Neptune connects us to. That will be somewhere in your chart.

It will be in a particular sign and that sign will show what your spiritual path looks like, what is that for you. What are the soul lessons that you are learning related to your spiritual needs and your spiritual path.

That’s just one part of the chart. One of the planetary archetypes, that we are talking about today.


Learn Your Soul Lessons for Neptune and All the Planets

If you want to order a Natal Report you can go to astrologyheals.com and click on products and on you can order your own personalized Natal Report right there that will tell you where Neptune and all of the planets are in your chart and what those soul lessons are.

Just go to astrologyheals.com, and if you want to dive even deeper, once you understand where your planets are and what signs they are in, this book is super helpful.

This is my book Astrology Heals. It is also available at astrologyheals.com and it will also help you understand your chart and how it has meaning for you in your life.

I hope that you check it out and continue to explore with me this fascinating roadmap to the soul that walks you through the archetypes and how they impact you and your experience of life.

All right, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you next time and will talk about another archetype. Take care. Bye for now!