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The science of astrology is based on archetypes. So what is an archetype?

What is an Archetype

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Transcript of The Science of Symbols: What Is an Archetype?

Hey there!

I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Today I want to talk to you about archetypes. Last week I talked about the science of astrology and the whole age-old question of, “Is astrology science or superstition?

You may want to go check that out if you missed it. One of the things I mentioned is that the science of astrology has to do with the way that astrology is seen through the archetypes. So what is an archetype?


An Archetype is a Character or Part of the Personality with a Set or Pattern of Meanings

Basically, an archetype is is a pattern of something that we understand universally as human beings.

An example would be the archetype of the princess or the archetype of the hero. These are characters that show up in movies and stories… myths, and the way that we talk about things and understand things.

The archetypes in astrology are symbols. They are sets of symbols, and symbols are just images that have meaning.

The images and the symbols that we have an astrology begin with the planets. Of course, the planets are in the sky and in our solar system. We can see many of them with the naked eye and some of them with the telescope so we know they’re there.


The Planets are Archetypes

We can see them. We can draw them. We can map them. We can visualize them, and these planets… going back thousands of years in astrology, the planets have meaning. In some cultures they were actually seen as deities or gods so they have this character, this persona that they took on, this energy that they carried with them.

Each planet is an archetype and each planet has a set of meanings that speak to us. So when you have your astrology chart done or read, what the astrologer is doing is they are looking at the planets in your chart and how they were arranged and where they were in the sky at the moment you were born.

That natal chart for you tells us how those archetypes show up for you. I want to share my screen really quick here.

Here is just a quick little peek, a little snapshot of, for the planets, what each planet means and what each archetype has to do with.

The Meanings of the Ten Planets

We all know, for the most part, our Sun sign, and the Sun is the center of our sense of self. It is about how we express ourselves, how we shine in the world, how we need to be seen and all of the learning that we have to do—the life lessons that we have around that theme… that set of, or pattern of, energies.

The sun is one archetype, the Moon is another archetype. The Moon has to do with caring and nurturing: how we care for ourselves, how we care for one another, what we need to feel good and to get our batteries charged, and what helps us feel like we’re being taking care of.


Your Natal Astrology Chart Describes How the Archetypes Show Up for You

So then, you not only have a Sun sign and Moon sign, but you have all of these planets in your chart. Each one is an archetype, and each one represents a specific area of life.

We can talk more about what the individual planets are [check out my book Astrology Heals]… If you’re interested in finding out where your planets are and how they show up for you and your chart, we do offer a Natal Report at Astrology Heals that is customized for you that describes the soul lessons that you have in this lifetime for each of the planets each archetype.

Your personalized Natal Report will go into:

  • What is your soul learning in the area of the Sun, which is self-expression and self-awareness and self understanding
  • What is your soul learning in terms of the Moon, which is caring and what needs you have and how to get your needs met
  • What is your soul learning for each of the planets in our solar system

The Astrology Heals Natal Report gives you the specifics of what each soul lesson is for you. And actually if you order the Natal Report on our website astrologyheals.com, and you use it together with this book…

[holds up copy of book]

This is my book Astrology Heals and you can use what you have in your natal report to go through this book and understand your chart in even greater depth.

The book is available on my website also, it’s astrologyheals.com.

Go check it out and join me in exploring this fascinating world of astrology that helps you understand more about yourself, how you’re wired, why things happen in your life the way they do, and what you can do about it!

All right, thanks for watching. I’ll see you next time. Bye for now.