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Aquarian New Moon Brings New Ideas

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Transcript of Aquarian New Moon Brings New Ideas

Hey there! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com and today we have an Aquarius New Moon, a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius.

I am the author of this book, Astrology Heals: the Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology and in the book, which is available on amazon.com, I explain to you how astrology can be used to support your own ongoing healing and growth, your own personal healing and growth.

The book helps you understand why things happen in your life and what they mean. It helps you connect with the bigger picture of meaning and purpose, how this feeds into your soul’s purpose and your soul’s lessons here in this lifetime and how you can learn those lessons through the challenges you experience here on earth.

It goes into how to move past challenges, get through them, get past them, and beyond them to a bigger experience of joy, peace, problem-solving, and sharing your gifts and being your whole true self living authentically.

That’s what I talk about in my book, and today we’re going to talk about some of the energies of Aquarius, because of this New Moon in Aquarius and because we have a lot of planets in Aquarius right now.


Multiple (Six) Planets in Aquarius

When you know what your sign is, you know, you’re talking about your Sun sign. Everybody’s born at a particular time of year, and the Sun is in a particular sign of the zodiac. Well any of the planets, all of the planets, can be in and are in some particular sign at any given time.

This means you can have Mercury in Aquarius, for example, as it is now. Saturn is in Aquarius, Jupiter is in Aquarius, and when we have all of these different planets in Aquarius what it means is that we have heightened energies of the sign of Aquarius.

To be clear, this is different from the Age of Aquarius, which I talked about in a previous video, so you may want to go check that out if you’re more interested in what the Age of Aquarius is about. That’s a bigger picture cycle. But what’s happening right now is just a lot of planets in Aquarius that are moving through the sign.

We’ve got Saturn that stays in Aquarius for two and a half years, and Saturn just went into Aquarius in mid December last year, as did Jupiter.

Some of these Aquarius energies are with us for a little while, but we also have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus moving through Aquarius and those don’t last as long. They last a few weeks at a time and they’re all happening right now, leaving us with this Aquarian energy.

So what is Aquarius about? The energy of Aquarius… Aquarius is an air sign. Air has to do with thinking and mental processes and communication. It’s how we process ideas, solve problems, communicate it has to do with technology and communications on that level.

With the Aquarian energy here we’re talking about higher level thinking, outside the box thinking, and the feeling of freedom that you get when you move outside of something that has been confining or restricting you.


Aquarius is About Breaking Free

That’s why Aquarius has to do with freedom. It’s about this feeling of freedom, of breakthrough, of breaking out of old patterns, old restrictions and old molds. So we’ve got that energy up big time right now and with this New Moon in Aquarius joining these other planets in Aquarius, just lots of Aquarian energy so that really takes us out outside the box.

It really takes us into a higher level of thinking where inspiration can find us, where we might have new ideas showing up, solving problems at higher levels. You may remember that classic quote that is attributed to Einstein where you can’t solve the problem in the same level of consciousness in which it was created.

You have to see the problem from a higher perspective, a different perspective… that bigger picture of you and so that’s what all this Aquarius energy gives us an insight into: how things are operating on a different level and how we can solve them by seeing them from that new perspective.

It’s happening across the board, for each of us. Individually and personally we’re having this Aquarian energy showing up. It’s also happening for all of us in the collective and the headlines we see in the news. We are seeing things that are more future oriented, more progressive, more humanitarian, more working toward solutions rather than trying to reestablish or hold onto the past.

So that’s what this Aquarian energy brings us. We get to go through all the signs, that’s the beauty of astrology, it brings balance by bringing these different perspectives. The perspective that we have heightened right now, big time, is the Aquarian perspective.


Aquarius is Also About Detachment

Interestingly enough, Aquarius also has to do with friendships, acquaintances, and distancing. It has to do with that kind of detachment that a scientist has, that ability to step back and see the bigger picture.

And what you see happening right now is a lot of people having Zoom meetings, connecting using technology where we’re social distancing or having to maintain our friendships or relationships using technology and using these distance methods.

That’s also very Aquarian and you can see how we are learning and growing and adapting through those technological platforms.

Had this pandemic happened twenty or thirty years ago we wouldn’t have had video conferencing, so this is all very future oriented. It has to do with new technologies and how we are adapting them to our needs as we move toward a new future and what that looks like. It’s very Aquarian.


Make Way for Lightning Bolts of Insight

The way that you can work with this energy proactively is to open your mind, clear the clutter, open and clear the space, so things like going for a walk or quieting your mind, or sitting and staring out the window.

It’s good to do something where you’re opening yourself, opening your mind and clearing your mind so that you’re available for these lightning bolts of insight that are going to try and find you… and so that you can have that “aha!” moment, that inspiration, that new idea that can find you because your mind is open… because you’re ready and available for it.

It’s important to ask your questions, state your intention…, what you want, what’s important to you… and then let go.

Open your mind and be available for those insights and those “aha!” moments and you’ll get some new ideas. You’ll get some clarity. Especially if you’re making yourself available for it.

So that’s how to work with these Aquarian energies. It’s a great time for writing, brainstorming, journaling, processing ideas, thinking things through or out loud with a friend to get to those new ideas.

So enjoy this time! This is a unique and special time that we have to access these Aquarian energies.

Thanks for watching. Once again my book Astrology Heals is available… You can check out my website astrologyheals.com, it talks about the book there. You can also find my book on amazon.com.

All right, I’ll see you next time! Thanks for watching.