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Smashing Through the Brick Wall of Reality: When a new future confronts a comfortable past

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Transcript of Smashing Through the Brick Wall of Reality: When a new future confronts a comfortable past

Hello, greetings! I am Marina Ormes and thank you for joining me. I’m the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Today I want to talk to you about smashing through the brick wall of reality: when a new future confronts a comfortable past.


What’s Happening Is Called Evolution

I want to talk about what we’ve been seeing lately in politics, in the world, and in consciousness. What’s happening is called evolution. 

Evolution is when we move forward and grow and change over time. Sometimes that growth and change is on the inside. We might as human beings do some inner healing work and attend to our inner needs and see change that is kind of invisible.

Other times we see it smashing through the world outside of us. And that’s what’s happening right now. 

After a year in which we had three outer planets hovering together in Capricorn, we are now solidly into a phase that is much more Aquarian. 


Smashing Through to the Other Side

While Capricorn is about revisiting and working with and confronting our systems, structures, and institutions, Aquarius is about just demolishing them, at least it can be. 

Aquarius is about freedom, it’s about breaking free of old molds. And if you imagine that the systems and structures that have held us, that are our operating systems that help us understand and define who we are, our political systems (and of course the U.S. Capitol building being such a visceral example of that)… 

…you imagine this physical solid thing and then this energy that just smashes through that and destroys what we thought was true. Both for what we might call “good” and “bad.”


Progress Is a Powerful Force

For the lower possibilities, we see some smashing happening that is trying to stop progress and to hold back this evolution.

Evolution has to do with more diversityfor example, having more people of color as our elected lawmakers, elected positions, roles of leadership, and government. 

That is progress. That is where we’re heading. It’s the future, and it’s already happened, so here we are. What we are experiencing with the insurrection is an attempt to interfere, to stop that train

But these Aquarian energies that are happening are just creating a lot of tension right now, with the planet Uranus in Taurus, and Mars making a conjunctionpassing by Uranus in Tauruson the day of the inauguration, while both Mars and Uranus form a square with Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius.

The Sun goes into Aquarius on the day of the inauguration, Mercury is also in Aquarius, the Moon goes from Aries into Taurus to join Mars and Uranus. So there’s a lot of tension and a lot of that conflict that can build and erupt.


Security Is a Boundary

And at the same time we have Capricorn energy, that brings the physical experience of trying to hold onto or protect something. It’s the energy of security, of safety, of protection. 

What we need to do is use that energy, that Capricorn energy of security and protection and safety to protect what is evolving, to protect the future, to hold the progress that is happening and create real security. 

Another word for security is a boundary. So when you see in an abusive relationship, you know, whether it’s a domestic abuse or some other type of bully relationship, what you see is this confusion of boundaries.

When the person who’s more on the victim side of that relationship has a boundary, it stops the perpetrator or the bully from being able to continue their abuse. And that’s what needs to happen. We need to have a boundary.

So, what we see with all the security in the Washington D.C. isn’t about progress or progressive values being the aggressors, it’s about progressive values having a boundary. It’s about using our security forces, our military if necessary, to hold that boundary and protect what is evolving and protect these energies that are changing and moving forward that are for our greatest good.


Thanks for Following Me

That’s all I have time for today! I will share more with you as we continue on with these videos. I hope you will keep following me on this blog throughout 2021 as we go through these changes.

Thanks for watching. Take care and keep being your authentic self and working on your own healing. Talk to you later!