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Insurrection and Disruption: An Astrological Perspective

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Transcript of Insurrection and Disruption: An Astrological Perspective

What does the storming of the U.S. Capitol have to do with a visionary future for humanity, social justice, and a new reality?

Hey everyone, I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com, and I wanted to just shoot this quick video for you given all that’s happened in this crazy week and just give you an astrological perspective.

I know that having an understanding of what’s going on astrologically does give us that bigger, it gives us a bigger picture, a bigger understanding of what’s going on in the qualities of energy that were experiencing.

It also gives us a greater sense of empowerment, of how we can respond and what we can do based on what we’re seeing in the energies. That’s why astrology is such a powerful tool for us.

Where Are We Now?

What’s happening is that in in December 2020 we had the planets Saturn and Jupiter go into Aquarius after their stay in Capricorn.

The energies of 2020 were, as I’ve been talking about in these videos all along, very strongly characterized by the energy of Capricorn.

We have had Pluto in Capricorn since 2008 which, you may remember that being a significant year because that was the year Obama was elected president and first African-American president of the United States.

So it was a really significant moment and that is what I’m going to talk about, how that’s connected to the Capricorn energy, the Aquarius energy, and what’s happening.

In 2008 Pluto went into Capricorn. Then, and of course there are inner planets—the Sun, Mercury, and Venus—that go through Capricorn every year. They spend, you know, a certain amount of time in Capricorn every year.

Mars takes a couple of months going through a sign every couple years, so it’s really these outer planets that we’re talking about, that we’re focusing on.

The outer planets cast this bigger-picture light of what’s going on, what’s transpiring in this bigger time frame that we are talking about.

So we’ve had Pluto in Capricorn since 2008. In 2017 Saturn went into Capricorn, December 2017. Then in December 2019 Jupiter joined those two planets in Capricorn.

So we had all three: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter all in Capricorn in 2020. Not only were they all in Capricorn, but they all came together and formed conjunctions on and off throughout the year with each other.

We had the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January 2020. We had Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions throughout 2020 as Jupiter went back and forth across Pluto’s point.

Then we had, significantly, as both Jupiter and Saturn came together finally ready to meet together and make their conjunction (after hovering together for most of the year). They came together right after both shifted into Aquarius.

That energy of Capricorn… both Capricorn and Aquarius are traditionally ruled by Saturn and the planet Saturn rules the bony structures in our bodies.

How Reality Gets Formed

Saturn is about structure, roots, foundations, infrastructure, planning, organization, institutions… it’s the shape or the framework that holds something.

It’s also, incidentally, about form. It’s about reality. So when we talk about Saturn and then put it in the sign that it rules, Capricorn—and we will also to talk about Aquarius—we’re talking about the ways that that those things remind us of our limitations, our mortality.

We are talking about that sense that being human means that we are vulnerable to, well, we don’t live forever, so we are mortal beings and that’s part of what defines who we are.

That’s what Saturn is about. Saturn is about how we incarnate. We come into form. We come into being. Not only people, but ideas come into form, take shape, and come into being. Feelings can come into form and take shape and emerge in reality around us.

What happens is that when these planets are in Capricorn we have in the collective… this is for everyone. It’s not specific to one person, it is for everyone and everyone who lives on earth is experiencing these energies and it is about the foundations, the very foundations of reality.

So it’s about how we experience reality and how we define reality, how we understand reality, what reality is and has been and what we want it to be.

So with Pluto… Pluto is the great transformer. When Pluto goes through Capricorn it is transforming reality. What we have, then, is the experience of, you know, us getting to say “hey, you know, reality is not what we thought it was.”

That means that we have a chance to redefine it, to decide what we want it to be, and in that process we have to experience reality breaking down.

What Happens to Old Structures

The things we thought we could count on no longer exist. We can’t count on them anymore. They don’t stand and hold up the way they used to. Old forms, old realities, old structures, systems, and institutions have become rigid.

They cannot any longer bend and move with the times and withstand the storms. It’s time for them to break and it’s time for them to be replaced with new structures.

Now, some will hold. Some structures will hold through the storms. But they may need reinforcing. They are going to need some choices made around what they’re going to be going forward.

So what happened is that Saturn and Jupiter both went into Aquarius and formed their conjunction on the Winter Solstice in December 2020. So now what we have is that, just as much as 2020 was characterized by this Capricorn energy, 2021 is characterized by this Aquarian energy.

Breaking Free of Old Molds

The difference is that… They are both traditionally ruled by Saturn so they’re both about structures and systems, but Aquarius is about rebellion, is about breaking free of old molds. It’s about willingness to destroy the existing systems and structures because there is an ideal there is an idea of a new vision for the future.

So the very things that are causing us distress, uncertainty, chaos, and disruption, both in Capricorn and in Aquarius, those very things are the same things that are bringing us the possibility to introduce and establish and nurture new ways of being, new realities, new systems and structures, or adapting and modifying our existing systems and structures.

It’s about making choices where we get to decide what we want?what we want this to look like and how we want reality to feel going forward.

So there are many of us who are ready to say we want reality to be what, you know, what the progressive values look like.

We want equality, we want diversity. We want people to be represented, we want different voices to be heard. We want to hear everyone’s ideas and perspectives. We want to include the value in the richness of resources that we have in terms of different thought, different ideas, different solutions, and innovations.

We have a depth of… a profound and really unprecedented depth of problems. Not that those problems are new, some of those problems have been around for decades or centuries, but… especially with climate change. You know, certainly decades.

These require us to look at how we do things and find new solutions, so these new solutions are about a resource that is a thought resource, and a resource in terms of our capacity to imagine and have new ideas and get inspired.

So that’s happening so at the same time as we have this disruption.

Rebelling Against the Status Quo

Aquarian energy is about change. It is the energy of earthquakes, of unexpected change, of out of the blue developments, and sudden change.

What happened this week is a rebellion against the status quo, against an institution, against our government, which is a very deep rooted institution for the United States of America and democracy, the idea of democracy.

We are also, by the way, as a country, we are grappling with this idea that we’re doing what we say we will do—that we are about freedom and equality, that we value the vote and the opinion of every single person, not just white men.

That is the essence of what is being worked through, what we’re grappling with, on both sides of that question. Both sides are grappling with what we want, what kind of outcomes we want, right?

White supremacy doesn’t want… it is very threatened by this idea of equality and social justice. And of course equality and social justice are interconnected with our ability to be sustainable and to have business structures and ways of operating… again we’re getting down to the essence of reality… how we operate, the ways that we have operated, that things do not have to be done that way just because they always have.

Disruptive Forces Bring a New Way of Being

That’s what 2021 is about—it is about envisioning a new way of being. And as we see this disruption, this insurrection, these disruptive forces, the sudden and unexpected developments, the lack of security… Security is a good Capricorn/Saturnian theme.

Anyway, while that’s happening, we see, the very same day, these two senators win their elections in Georgia. They are both connected—my understanding is that both are connected to the civil rights leader John Lewis.

It’s just amazing in terms of how things are changing, and the way and the resistance that we’re experiencing to change, such as through the insurrection at the Capitol.

Opening to Change

One way of looking at that is, what is your own internal resistance? What kinds of resistance do you have to change? What are you afraid is going to happen and what are the ways that you can work on yourself to open yourself to that experience of change?

Because change is going to mean we have to let go of some of our comforts. At the same time it’s going to open us to a new way of being, a new reality and new ways forward that we cannot even yet imagine.

And that’s what is characterized by the Aquarian energy. It’s visionary. It’s future oriented. It’s where we’re heading.

It’s saying, “Forget about the past. Forget about the past because where you’re going is so new and so exciting that you just have to go with it. You just have to let that earthquake? let those tectonic plates shift and let things crumble and crash down over there and let go because something new is forming.”

I’m not saying that complete chaos and disruption is a good thing. That’s not what I mean.

What I’m saying is that we just need to look at ourselves and the ways that we are holding onto what makes us feel safe and the ways that we can open, to question our own internal assumptions and ways of being so we can make way for what the what the younger generations are bringing and what new voices and more diversity are bringing and what that will look like for us.

So remember that this disruptive energy is also about real and positive changes and to keep working toward those things that are important to you.

This is it. That doesn’t happen by itself. It requires all of us living our authentic truths, standing up for what’s important to us, taking care of each other, having each other’s backs.

It means thinking about what’s right and not just what makes us feel comfortable and working toward those things. I hope that’s helpful.

Emboldened Delusions, Emboldened Empowerment

We do have… we’ve got more disruption coming this year. Mars has gone into Taurus now…

Actually Mars went into Taurus on January 6, the day of the riots and insurrection in the Capitol. The storming of the… I don’t know what it’s called but anyway what’s interesting is that that happened right as Mars went from where it was in Aries…

Mars is the planet of action and movement. It is the is the planet of courage and being a warrior and it’s been in the sign of the warrior… it’s been in the sign of Aries, Mars in its own sign of Aries, for an extended period of time.

In Aries, Mars is pushing us to take a stand, to find our courage, to figure out who we are, and to, in some cases, to be emboldened, whether that’s a good thing or not—to be emboldened in our delusions or to be emboldened in our empowerment.

All of it, across the board, and so it’s really not about the energy. The energy is neutral. The energy just is what it is, but it’s what we make of it.

Anyway, then as Mars, which has been in Aries, and Mars is only? like I said it only stays in a sign for a couple of months every two years, and it’s been in Aries for an extended period because of its retrograde phase.

So since the end of June, Mars has been in Aries. This is a long time for Mars to be in Aries and on January 6, it went into Taurus, just as the insurrection happened.

The breach of the Capitol took place while Mars was in Aries, just at the very end of Aries, and they started to get the security situation under control as Mars went into Taurus.

It’s just very interesting but also Mars is close enough to be conjunct Uranus, and Uranus is the planet of disruption, of change, of rebellion and revolution, and freedom.

The point is that when we see these scary things—things that might feel scary—happening, is to remember, “Oh yeah, this is also reminding me that I need to take action. I need to act on my own empowerment. I need to act on what I feel called to do and to take risks for a higher truth for myself, and to put it out there, and to take action.”

And as Mars goes into Taurus it’s really about creating stability and safety. But doing it in this new way that’s very Uranian and Aquarian.

So, trying to sum all that up in a nutshell… it’s not easy. But anyway, there you go. I hope that’s helpful.

Thanks for watching and see you next time. This was a special edition, you can check me out at astrologyheals.com and I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Take care.