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How to Get 2021 Right – Part II

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Welcome 2021! Let’s make the most of it.

Hello! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. This Is Part II of my blog post How to Get 2021 Right.

In Part I, I described the astrological landscape we are in as we leave 2020 and enter 2021, and how to make the most of some powerful changes that are coming our way.

I also told you I was going to give you a solution between the choices of spiraling into dark thoughts, dark emotions, or dark experiences on one hand, and placing a blind faith or blind trust into something, as if you don’t have to worry about anything, on the other hand.

You may find yourself sometimes spiraling deeper into negative thoughts and not seeing a way out. That’s not a great place to be.

Or perhaps you are feeling or believing that this is all just going to work out, and you are going to put all of your faith and trust into a hope or conspiracy theory or, of course, if you believe in that you probably don’t call it a conspiracy.

Maybe you are thinking there’s a belief system out there that that if I just trust, that I’m going to have this general feeling everything is okay and there’s nothing that needs my attention or my response. That’s not a great place to be either.

Both choices leave you disempowered, and unable to contribute to the real changes that are so needed in the world right now.

What is the Alternative Choice?

The other choice, and how we can walk that line, and how we can take back our sovereignty and intentionally create the future is through the power of our intentions.

What, then, are intentions? I love intentions and I’ve been talking about intentions since 2012 when I started doing these New Year’s events.

You know the resolutions that we have on the new year? We might make a list of goals or things that were going to do better at this year, and we set ourselves up for unrealistic expectations for ourselves and within the first few weeks of the coming year.

We don’t meet those expectations and then, consciously or unconsciously, we think of ourselves as failures because we can’t measure up to this expectation we have for ourselves and the resolution we set.

But we can do away with all of that. We can do better.

The way to stay in this effortless alignment with your soul’s highest truth is by using intentions. When you set an intention, you are claiming what it is you want at the same time as you are removing all judgment.

This means there is no success, and there is no failure. There is simply a statement of what you want that feels right and true to you.

When you set an intention it could still be a goal. It still could be an intention to exercise more, or have an experience of abundance and have money flowing in, but an intention has more to do with the actual outcomes you want.

What You Don’t Want

What you don’t want is another dysfunctional pattern, right?

You don’t want to embrace an exercise program, but then to have something else in your life suffer because of that. You don’t want to suddenly have more money but have it be because you have to sell your soul at a job you hate. That’s not what we want.

We don’t want to replace old dysfunctional patterns with new dysfunctional patterns. We want healing and that is what this process does.

So, when you set an intention, you are then open. Your heart is open. You can say ?this is what I want. This is what I am willing to receive.? Then you go through the process of letting the universe show you how to create that.

Creating Through Healing and Balance

There is balance, which is mind, body, spirit, and emotion. The four elements are earth, air, fire, and water. When you bring in balance from mind, body, spirit, and emotion to support your intentions, then you’re on a creative process that helps your vision to manifest and supports it to manifest in ways that you couldn’t even imagine.

Maybe it will be even better than what you could imagine!

That’s what we’re going to do with intentions. There is a way to use intentions and work with intentions throughout the year that I’m going to talk about that in a minute, but first I want to guide you through a little guided meditation to help you anchor your intentions.

2021 Intentions

So think about what your intentions are for 2021. I am going to just read a couple of intentions.

Hopefully I can get to hear that people shared so and if there are comments on this live video I? oh here we go. I see them all.

Hello everyone! I’m glad you’re here. Please share your intentions in the comments. I’m just going to read a couple here.

Nancy says ?I see a world healing psychically, politically, emotionally, and environmentally as we realize there is no other to blame or save we are all one with the deepest self interest in helping all of creation thrive.? What a beautiful intention.

Now you know if you don’t feel like you’re that adept with words, that’s fine. It can be whatever flows from you, whatever awkward truth is coming from you.

Jessica says ?my intention for 2021 is to bring in an abundance of peace, joy and love.?

It could be as simple as that! What a beautiful intention.

Jesse says ?my planetary intention for 2021 is for everyone to find so much more joy and connection than we were all able to have in this past year, and my personal intention is to fully come to terms with the fact that I am capable of anything I set my mind to, and start living by that fact.?

Nice! So there are some examples of intentions, and I want to invite you to hold your own intentions in your mind and in your heart.

Supporting Your Intentions – A Guided Visualization

If you are not driving and you’re in a place where you can get quiet and close your eyes. Please don’t do this if you’re in a place where it’s not safe. But if you can, if you can go ahead and close your eyes and just begin to feel the movement of breath in and out.

How simple, how simple it is, breath moving in and out. It’s happening all the time without you thinking. How about a nice deep breath, let all that oxygen good yummy stuff from the universe come into your body.

Just practice receiving practice receiving the gifts of the universe that come in through your breath and giving your breath those positive intentions.

You are breathing in those positive intentions right now, let your body receive them. Let your body move into a state of greater alignment, relaxation, peace, and allow your attention to move toward your heart as you feel into your heart.

Your heart is designed to hold love. It pumps blood through your body, but it does so much more. This heart space that you have in your body can grow when there’s more love.

It stretches and expands. It adapts to the love that is there, so feel your heart growing as you breathe in the love of the universe to breathe in those positive intentions.

Imagine yourself being in the center of your heart, surrounded by all this love and all these positive intentions. Just feel yourself being held by that, as if a little mini you was inside your heart space being surrounded by all this love yourself.

You are surrounded by this loving kindness, this acceptance of where you are. This permission to be who you are, without expectation, without judgment, simple acknowledgment that you are exactly where you need to be.

Then imagine also the earth. Imagine a mini earth inside your heart. Imagine the earth being surrounded by this love, this positive healing intention.

Feel the earth and all of its creatures and all of its beings receiving this love, whether they know it, consciously or not, they are surrounded by these loving healing intentions.

Feel the earth receiving this and feel your own capacity to receive that love as you allow it in through your breath, sending it to yourself and the earth.

Now gently bringing your awareness back to the breath moving in and out, acknowledging that your little mini self and your many earth are held energetically in your heart all the time and any time you choose to breathe in positive intentions you’re sending that energy to yourself and to the planet.

Now you are becoming present again with your breath, your body, and gently allowing yourself to bring your awareness back to the room around you opening your eyes when you’re ready. Stretching.

If you need to, maybe jot down a note if you had any awareness come to you or anything you want to remember.

Beautiful. Thank you!

The Middle Ground

That’s a really simple way that you can affirm your intentions and give them space.

Let that positive feeling take up space without making any bad or negative thoughts wrong. It’s okay for you to have negative thoughts. Sometimes a pandemic is scary. Loss is real.

So there you go. That’s the middle ground, right? It’s not going into, you know, ?I’m just going to trust the divine and I don’t have to have feelings or be human or do anything.?

And you also don’t have to go to the place of spiraling deeper and deeper into the darkness.

You have this choice to hold yourself where you are, to send yourself loving kindness, and to open to receiving love and to receiving your positive intentions.

Then your intentions synchronistically start to manifest in your life. They start to appear in places where you did not expect.

And we can work with this intention throughout the year by using Moon cycles!

An Affordable Way to Work with Me and Manifest Your Intentions in 2021

That is where my program comes in. I have a super affordable monthly program that helps you work with the Moon cycles, helps you work with your intentions throughout the year, and helps you take advantage of those astrological energies that are present.

Joining this program will help you understand what’s going on at any given time. What is the particular theme that is happening at the moment.

For example, you know, at any given moment, is it? is this a time for self-care? Is this a time for action? Is this a time for processing?

Knowing those things can really help support you in manifesting your intentions. It can help you align with this bigger process.

My program is called Lunar Expedition, and you can check it out at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/4keys-special.

Check out this monthly program and see if it might be right for you. It is only $39 a month if you join right now, so it’s really affordable.

It’s easy enough to simply try it and see if it feels right for you. Of course I encourage you to follow it throughout the year so that you’re actually taking advantage of all the New Moons and all the Moon cycles.

Lunar Expedition will provide you with more guided meditations like I just lead you through, and these guided meditations always work with the specific astrological energies.

You will have regular content and updates from me. You will get reminders of when the Moon is in different signs, what that means and how to stay connected with the energy, and then updates from me. I post a weekly video for members about what’s going on.

You get a little more detail like I went into today. My members get that regularly and so much is there in that program so check it out.

I’m also offering a bonus if you sign up now or in early January.

I’m going to start a group, an astrology tutoring and study group, so you will get to come to the first one for free as a member.

This first group meeting will be included as a bonus for Lunar Expedition members, so if you’re interested in studying astrology you be able to attend that.

You will also have ongoing support throughout the year! I sometimes do mini readings and surprise gifts and special events from time to time, so there’s lots of cool stuff.

Check it out. It’s at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/4keys-special.

Thank you so much for watching today!

And oh, I see some of your intentions here? ?Grow a business? I’m holding the earth and the earth is holding me? This was super helpful??

Awesome! I’m so glad that all of you came. Keep holding your intentions. We can all keep working on loving ourselves more fully and remembering that we have the power to choose the future and to choose our visions.

I think as we head into 2021 that we will find it is easier than it ever has been. So thanks so much for watching.

Bye for now! This will be available as a replay and I’ll see you next time. Bye everyone. Thank you. Happy New Year!

Learn more about Marina’s program at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/4keys-special.