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How to Get 2021 Right – Part I

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Welcome 2021! (and a bit of 2020 – what just happened?!?)

Greetings! I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Happy last day of 2020! We made it! Woo hoo!!

Setting Intentions for 2021

I’ve been planning this special event and what I want to share with you today is a little astrological overview of where we are and what’s happening as we move into 2021.

I also want to give you a chance to set clear and powerful intentions as the year begins, and so I invite you to post your intentions for the coming year in our event.

You can comment on the posts in the event or comment on this video [or share your intentions in the comments below]. I would love to hear your intentions!

I am going to lead you through a guided meditation that’s going to help you anchor your intentions and give them all the love that they need to manifest in 2021.

I will also tell you about my program, my ongoing monthly program for members, that will support you in 2021 to manifest what is truly important to you and live your soul’s potential for what it is you are here to live and share in this lifetime.

What Are We Coming Out Of?

2020 has been? well it’s been an interesting year (ha ha), but in a bigger picture of context, it’s in a bigger picture of energetic cycles.

In astrology, we look at those energetic cycles to understand the bigger picture of what is changing. 2020 has been a little bit like this collective descent into darkness, but what is really going on?

When we look at the astrology? well, we’ve had Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto spends several years in a sign. Pluto is like a bulldozer.

Wherever it goes, whatever sign it’s going through it? (And if it’s transiting your chart you if you had Pluto transits before you may be aware of this) but it basically what it does is it kind of razes everything.

It takes away what you thought you knew and what you thought you could count on.

Really, in the long run, that’s a good thing because it’s clearing the way to make way for something truly new.

Pluto brings in this possibility of creative new solutions, and that’s been happening for us collectively. It’s not just for one individual. All of us on the planet are experiencing this transit of Pluto through Capricorn.

Not One, Not Two, but Three Outer Planets in Capricorn

Then what happened is that in 2020, we had the addition of two more planets, both slow-moving outer planets. It’s very unusual for these three?Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter?all to align and come together in the same degrees of the same sign.

But it did this year, and it did for an extended period of time with the three planets in their retrograde phases hovering in the same degrees.

What that means is that we have had this collective experience of losing the ground under our feet. Capricorn is our structures, systems, and institutions, and Pluto is taking that away.

Pluto is razing it to the ground like a bulldozer, so what we have is this experience of the things we used to count on?the systems, structures, institution, plans, and ways we have of operating and doing things?are no longer something we can depend on.

That is the bigger picture of the astrological energies and what’s happening.

Torn Between Two Undesirable Choices

In 2020, we’ve had this this choice. It feels like there are two different themes of how people are responding.

One is to?and we all have this potential?to spiral into negative thoughts. The possibility is there to go into the darkness, to have the experience of all the ?what-ifs? running through our minds, and to go into the fears and re-live the real losses and the real grief that all of us have experienced to some degree or another.

So, we have the potential to kind of go into that dark place and get lost there.

The other possibility that that we’ve seen is this potential to slip into an alternate reality, into kind of a delusional space.

This would be like ?oh, everything’s fine, everything’s going to work out, you don’t have to worry about it because, you know, XYZ is going to take care of it.? Some of that is what we see showing up in conspiracy theories or in beliefs that are there available to us.

The reason these things are happening is because we have that experience of the ground being removed and we can’t count on the ways of operating that we’ve had in the past.

We are waiting to create something new, and that’s what I’m going to talk about.

I’m also going to in this presentation give you an alternative to those two choices. An alternative to the choice between going into the darkness or the delusional toxic positivity experience.

There is another way and there is a way to consciously and intentionally create our future. We have huge doorways opening up to us in 2021 and that is what today is all about.

So hang in here with me. I’m going to offer you a solution to this dilemma.

The Formation of a New Reality

Okay so we talked about Pluto moving through Capricorn. The uncertainty shows up. Then we try to make sense of it by going that place in our brains where we want it to make sense, where our internal nervous systems are trying to figure out what to do when the things that we could count on aren’t there anymore.

The good news is that there is a new ground forming. That is also the message of Pluto going through Capricorn.

The message of Pluto in Capricorn is ?yeah, you’re not going to have anything to stand on for a little while. It’s going to be chaotic, confusing you’re not going to know which end is up, what to do, or how to respond. That?s because a new reality is forming around you.?

A new paradigm is taking shape and what is happening with the recent conjunction? I’m recording this on New Year’s Eve, and just 10 days ago we had the Winter Solstice. On the Winter Solstice of 2020 we had the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn is very significant for many reasons. It’s the beginning of a 20-year cycle between Saturn and Jupiter. They come together every 20 years.

So, every 20 years we have this reset point between Saturn and Jupiter. It happened in 1980-81. It happened in 2000, and now again in 2020.

It’s a reset point. Astrology is filled with cycles. In fact, I wrote a book, one of the books I wrote is Cycles of Healing. It goes into the whole thing about astrological cycles and how they describe an ongoing process of change, evolution, learning, growth, and healing.

And we can see this happening in 2020 in the context of these bigger picture cycles, and in addition to Jupiter and Saturn coming together, they happened to come together this year in Aquarius.

They came together at the very very beginning of Aquarius, and this is actually the beginning of a different kind of cycle, a much bigger cycle.

This coming together of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius is part of a shift that begins another 200 year cycle of Saturn and Jupiter forming their every-20-year conjunction in air signs.

It’s just the way the geometry works as the planets make their orbits around their Sun, around our Sun.

The ways those cycles work is that the conjunctions every 20 years of Saturn and Jupiter, from here on out for the next approximately 200 years, they will be in air signs.

In the previous preceding 200 years the conjunctions and of Jupiter and Saturn have been in earth signs. There was one air sign in 1980 that was Libra. And that’s part of the shift as part of the adjustment, but now we are solidly in air signs and for the next 200 years Jupiter and Saturn’s conjunctions will be in air signs.

The Aquarian Age and 200 Years of Conjunctions in Air

The question is, does this mean this is the beginning of the age of Aquarius [NOTE: watch for next week’s blog on more about the Age of Aquarius]. I want to answer that question because I get that a lot. Actually, it is the beginning of a time period characterized by air sign energy.

So for the past 200 years, we have been stuck more or less in the physical world and the material world. We have been defined by our physical capabilities and limitations for the past 200 years.

But now, we are going to be shifting into an era that is more defined by ideas, information, information processing, communication, and thinking. With Aquarius specifically, that is thinking outside the box.

It is about finding unprecedented solutions for unprecedented problems, which is why we are where we are, right? We have unprecedented problems.

We have an unprecedented magnitude to the problems we face, such as with climate change, that require us to shift our consciousness to a higher level of thinking.

An Aquarian Year

That is what the invitation is, for us to step into what is coming in 2021 we must be ready for this strong Aquarian energy.

That?s because now we’ve got now both Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. Jupiter will be in Aquarius and will go into Pisces for part of 2021, but Saturn will remain in Aquarius for the next two and half years.

We have this strong Aquarian energy, and in January and February 2021, that’s the time of the year when the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all go through Aquarius.

So in the beginning of 2021 we will have a pileup of planets in Aquarius in a similar manner to how we had pileups of planets in Capricorn this past year.

This is going to be a very different feeling. We’re going to move from limitation to freedom, from responsibility and heaviness to a feeling of breakout, breakthrough, revolution, revolutionary energies, rebellious energies, visionary energies, and outside the box thinking.

Those qualities are available to us. With every sign there is a higher and a lower possibility. With Aquarius that can be that the lower possibility is detachment, isolation, being outside of something, feeling that you are outside of something.

It’s the experience of detachment and alienation. That’s the lower possibility. The higher possibility is, of course, this visionary, problem-solving orientation.

Now is the time. Now is the chance to implement and initiate changes that have been a vision for a very long time.

We?re entering into the times of change when possibilities are opening up?times when manifestation can come more quickly.

What Will Be Different?

Manifestation in earth signs is very tangible but also a very slow, methodical process. You have to see the things. You have to be able to move things around in a way that makes sense, in a way that’s physical.

With air, on the other hand, if you want to manifest something you think it and then it appears in some form almost immediately.

That form may be fleeting. It may be more in the realm of ideas, but the movement of energy is more instantaneous. It’s more like going from, say, you have to ride a horse across hundreds of miles to go visit your relatives versus calling them on the telephone when you want to speak with them.

It’s like that, it’s a significant difference in energy and speed going from earth to air.

So, how are we going to optimize this Aquarian energy to step into these higher possibilities of what’s available to us, to utilize these waves of change to step into our own full potential and highest possibilities?

What Are YOUR Intentions for 2021?

Be sure you choose your intentions on purpose because they will manifest whether you are choosing them consciously or unconsciously.

Of course today we’re talking about having intentions for 2021, on a planetary and on a personal level. So what is your intention for yourself? And on a planetary level what intentions do you have for the collective for humanity, with what you want to see for planet Earth?

Those are your planetary intentions, and the process of beginning to see yourself as a changemaker is part of what is unfolding and evolving in these bigger cycles.

This means seeing yourself as the person who is responsible for initiating and implementing the change, not through self-sacrifice and suffering, but through authenticity, through effortless alignment with your soul’s truth.

That is what we are stepping into. It is a new way of being. It will feel uncomfortable as we learn how to do this and we learn that we don’t have some of the restrictions and limitations we thought we did.

That’s going to be the process unfolding and what it might look like.

The Alternative Path

Okay, so I told you I was going to give you a solution between, or another alternative between, the choices of spiraling into dark thoughts, dark emotions, dark experiences on the one hand, and having a blind faith on the other end of the spectrum, putting a blind faith or blind trust into something, as if you don’t have to worry about anything.

And I am! But unfortunately we are out of space here. Go to How to Get 2021 Right – Part II?to find the answer!

Thanks for reading. See you soon ?

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