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Libra Soul Lessons Graphic

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TRANSCRIPT – Soul Lessons of Libra: Transforming people-pleasing tendencies into satisfying relationships

Thank you for stopping by! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Happy Birthday Libra!

Today I want to talk about the zodiac sign Libra, so if you are a Libra, happy birthday!

During the Libra time of the year, when the Sun is in Libra? that’s what we’re referring to when we say Libra. It’s when the Sun is in Libra which lasts for about a month every year just as every zodiac sign does.

If you were born in when the Sun is in the sign of Libra then you have a particular attunement to the energies of Libra. But it doesn’t mean you’re the only one who does, because we all have all ten planets in our chart and we are only generally talking about the Sun when we use Sun sign astrology. (That?s when you say ?what’s your sign?? referring to your Sun sign.)

Anybody can have Libra in their chart, and everybody has Libra somewhere. And Libra energies are up for all of us when the Sun is in Libra every year as it is now.

Libra Soul Lessons

We?re going to talk today about the soul lessons of Libra and I have a graphic for you that is from my book Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. Check it out, it will tell you about the soul lessons for all of the zodiac signs. They will all apply to you at different times and of course you might find a particular attunement to the one that is your Sun sign?

Libra Soul Lessons Graphic

But let’s take a look so here are the soul lessons for the sign of Libra. This just means that we’re learning these lessons. You might have a tendency with Libra energy to experience the lower possibilities but you’re also learning about the higher possibilities.

Lower Possibilities for Libra

The lower possibilities include self-sacrifice or compromise, and again this would be in not such a good way–compromising your needs, compromising your truth, compromising what you need to say or how you need to show up.

It might mean allowing your needs to be let go for the sake of pleasing others or maintaining the peace. Libra can do those lower possibilities. It could be an inability to act or be decisive in order to move forward. Libra can be overly accommodating, as in ?okay, I’m doing this not because I want to and not necessarily for the greatest good but because I don’t want to make waves.?

So the lessons that Libra brings, that Libras are learning and all of us who are experiencing Libra energies are learning are the higher possibilities.

Higher Possibilities for Libra

The higher possibilities for Libra include the ability to find a place of inner peace that creates balance, to work with balance, to be able to find balance? and again balance is not about perfection. It’s about balancing my need to speak with your need to feel comfortable, for example, and finding that right place of balance where you’re making the right choices for yourself.

These are some of the lessons that Libra brings. It also has to do with themes of justice, harmony, the greatest good or common good, and finding common ground. Libra is speaking to our capacity to create healthy relationships–to have partnerships and dialogue. This refers to our romantic relationships but really, to all kinds of relationships.

It’s the ability to see other perspectives, to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, and to understand where they’re coming from so that you can be working toward the feeling of balance. It feels peaceful and right and good and brings about justice.

Libra is about reestablishing that kind of balance and harmony, right? So if a wrong has been done to someone we need to correct that wrong and bring about justice in order to reestablish peace and balance.

The Libra New Moon Affects Us All

So those are the lessons for Libra and there is a New Moon in Libra where these themes come up for all of us as well. Depending on when you might be watching this video you might check for when the Libra Moon is, because although these themes will be coming up for Libras, a New Moon in a sign affects everyone at the same time. So these themes could be coming up in the collective, in the energies around you, and in the energies you experience in your daily life.

Whether you are a Libra Sun or not, I hope that helps you see where you need to personally work on creating greater balance. You can always work on bringing yourself to the table, and not compromising your own self and your own truth to make someone else happy.

When you bring more of yourself, you are helping to reestablish the appropriate balance and bring about harmony. Because your voice is just as important as everyone else’s, and as we work to create justice and reestablish balance and harmony, your truth benefits everyone.

Thank you for watching today! Again my book is Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. You can find it on my website astrologyheals.com, and inside the book are the soul lessons for all of the zodiac signs. All right then, see you next time.