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Transcript of How to Create the Best Outcome for the Upcoming U.S. Election

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Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are hanging in there.

I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. Today I wanted to talk to you about how we can create the best possible outcome for the upcoming U.S. presidential elections.

Getting Beyond Worries About the Future

No matter what side of all of the of the craziness you find yourself on, we live in uncertain times. A lot of people are experiencing anxiety, worries, and concerns about the future and what the future holds.

That?s why today I want to talk about how we can align ourselves with positive healing? with hopeful outcomes that come from new creative possibilities for the future. The alternative is that we might be creating from our very fears, worries, and anxieties.

The Law of Attraction and the U.S. Election

If you have ever heard of the law of attraction, that is sort of this popularized idea and theme that you can, through positive thinking, attract positive results to yourself.

Some people interpret that as meaning if I have a vision, and visualize what I want, then I’m going to manifest exactly what I want.

It is not quite that simple, but there are some truths to the law of attraction. That is why I focus on manifestation in my astrology practice. I talk about the way astrology can help you understand the synchronicities in your life: the way you are made up, why you are wired that way, and how it is part of the bigger life purpose and life plan for you.

It’s a big part of the way I use astrology. In fact, I have a program called Manifesting with Moon Cycles where we work with the cycles of the Moon to call in these energies and qualities that we want to experience.

Manifesting the Outcomes We Want, for the Election and Beyond

The things that we want in our lives? you know, the feelings of safety, abundance, a positive future, the ability to finish creative projects? those are the kinds of things we are working on creating. We are also creating healthy relationships, healthy relationships with family? all these things are positive results that we can strive towards.

Let?s talk about how this applies to the upcoming election. What I would say is that positive thinking is really important, but we have to be aware at this time. We have to make sure we’re not sticking our heads in the clouds or putting blind faith into you know some idea that positive thinking is going to get us through, because it’s not that simple.

Engaging Mind, Body, Spirit, and Emotion

We are complex beings. We are learning how to move in the world at the levels of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. All of these parts of us need to get organized and we have things we need to learn at each level.

For example, we certainly have things that we need to learn in terms of what actions do we need to take. What we need to do is not just about positive thinking, it’s about what we’re doing and how we’re taking action in the world, such as how we’re getting involved to contribute to the changes we want to see.

In other words, it’s not just about on the physical world. It’s not just about one or the other?the physical world or the spiritual realm. It’s not about being more of one than the other. It’s about bringing all of these components of ourselves together to align ourselves with the best possible outcome.

So we need to have positive thinking. It’s important to have the ability to envision and visualize possibilities. When we do that, if we can bring those the positive visions that we might have for the outcomes: what it will look like if things turn out the way you’re hoping? Then feel that feeling in your body. Bring the feelings of success and celebration into your physical being. What does it feel like when you imagine the positive outcome?

For example, does it feel like:

  • You want to celebrate
  • You feel safe to finally relax, or perhaps…
  • You finally HAVE what you want?

When we bring in the feeling, what we’re doing is creating those feelings in our body. We?re saying to the universe, ?I would like something that gives me this feeling.?

Letting Go of Attachment

The next step is that we’re going to let go of our attachment to the specific outcome that we thought would bring that feeling.

For example, if you have a particular candidate that you really, really want to win? breathe and bring into your body the feelings of what it feels like when that happens. Then open yourself to the idea that, ?hey, you know, it might look like my candidate winning, it might not look like my candidate winning, but what I am aligning myself with is this positive feeling I’m bringing into my body.?

Because while you absolutely can create more of that positive feeling that you’re choosing to align with, the positive thoughts, feelings, and ways of being, the empowered actions? while you are absolutely choosing those, keep in mind that it may not show up the way that you think it should.

There is a Bigger Picture You May Not Understand Yet

Staying positive helps us to remain hopeful, by not pinning all of our hopes onto only one outcome that could be the happy one. We are acting as if? we are working toward the things we want, but we’re also willing to let go.

That might be because:

  • You have more to learn
  • Things are unfolding on a different timeline than you imagined
  • How it worked out is even better aligned with what you actually wanted, than what you THOUGHT you wanted
  • The way things are happening is best for the greater good

Working Better for Everyone

I hope that makes sense, and I hope that’s helpful that no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. We can all be focusing consciously on these positive feelings and positive intentions. We all want healing for humanity, the planet, our country, and for our systems and institutions.

We want it to work better for everyone. We want to take care of people better, to feel safe, free, and happy in our lives. We want to know that our needs, our neighbors? needs, and our family?s needs are met.

So let’s focus on those positive qualities that we want to bring in and work toward the outcomes we want.

Go for What You Want – No Holding Back

But also, be sure to do the actions that work with the positive intentions. So get involved. Throw your eggs in one basket in terms of what you’re working on and getting involved in and putting your efforts towards? but ultimately you need to take the risk because the outcome is not going to create itself.

It’s ironic, it is a risk, because?paradoxically?you need to put all your eggs in one basket to work for something and give it the best chance of being successful. But at the same time you need to let go of the exact outcome and what that might look like, and open yourself to the truth of what is truly trying to manifest, take shape, or come into your life.

Learn More

I hope that’s been helpful for you. You can learn more about my manifestation program at manifestingwithmooncycles.com. You can connect with that webpage for the program itself, or you can also find more about my member program at astrologyheals.com under services. I’d be happy to talk to you more about what we do at Manifesting with Moon Cycles.

I’ll see you next time! Bye for now, and thanks for watching.