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Gratitude and Improvement ? Virgo New Moon September 17, 2020

With six planets in earth signs, both the limitations and pleasures of the physical plane are demanding our attention around the upcoming New Moon in Virgo.

The time of year when both the Sun and the New Moon are in Virgo comes at the end of summer, traditionally (and still true of course), the time of harvest. The Sun is in Virgo when we are enjoying the results, as well as the actual ?fruits? of our efforts since the growing season began.

This New Moon is a time to connect with the earth, the senses, and attend to the needs of reality around you. For example, you may need to bring in the bounty of your garden, express gratitude for the results of something you have been working on, or fuss over the final details of something that is almost complete.

With Mars now retrograde in Aries, this is also a time to reconsider how your actions and choices support, or do not support, what you want.

Some helpful questions to reflect on may be:

  • Are the decisions you have made in recent months working for you, or is it time to re-do something, even if it means admitting you made a mistake?
  • Are the action steps you are taking effective to help you get more of the results you want? Do you need to change anything you are doing to be more effective?
  • Is what you are doing in your daily life working for you? Do you need to reconsider how you go about things in order to take better care of yourself?

Take some time around this New Moon to feel grateful for what you have, even though you may also have some adjustments to make that will help things work even better. Enjoy!