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Transcript of The Power of Synchronicity

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Hello! Do you ever feel powerless about the things that are happening around you in the world? Do you ever experience a feeling of things going wrong or things being negative that you can’t control, that you wish you could shift to a happier space?

Well, there actually is, as it turns out, a way to intentionally create more of those positive feelings and even more positive events in your life!

That’s what I want to talk to you about today. I will tell you how it all works, but first, I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. I am the author of this book, Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology.

The Astrology of Potential

In the book I talk about this concept. I talk about the astrology of potential, and how we can align ourselves intentionally with the potential for more of a positive or happy or good feeling outcome from the things that unfold in our lives.

The word that we will be talking about today is synchronicity. Synchronicity is a term that was coined by psychologist Carl Jung, and it simply means meaningful coincidence.

A meaningful coincidence is two or more things that are, on the outside, seemingly unrelated? that happen together in such a way that is meaningful to you. Two things coincide and it feels like it is somehow more than something random.

What Does Synchronicity Look Like?

An example of synchronicity would be if you are thinking about your mother and then the phone rings and it’s your mother calling. There’s no reason why your thought and her calling should coincide but is meaningful to you. It might feel to you like, ?hey we’re on the same wavelength,? or ?I was feeling my mother, I was tuning in with her,? or sending her the vibe that she should call me,? or something like that.

Another example of synchronicity could be that you have a dream and that dream has meaning to your life. Maybe it helps you understand something that’s happening in your life, or give you a context or a way to understand something. Maybe it helps you figure something out and understand what its meaning is.

Often dreams do feel meaningful to us, and that of course is synchronicity because on the outside there’s no real direct reason why your dreams should be connected to something happening in the real world. Yet, of course we all know that that’s how we experience it. We experience that dreams have meaning in our lives, and there are times when it feels like things are connected.

So synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence, and we can actually choose to create more of those kinds of meaningful coincidences in our lives.

Astrology Helps You Experience More Synchronicity

How we create more synchronicity is by choosing our perspectives and attitudes. Knowing your astrology chart can really help you to align with those positive synchronicities for yourself. It can help you see things in a bigger perspective?a bigger picture. Things might make more sense in a bigger perspective of your life.

So if you?d like to understand more about who you are and why your life is the way it is, astrology can help you to make sense of what’s happening? For instance, why did something bad happen in the context of your life? Is it maybe helping you in some ways? It may be teaching you something that’s really important for you to know.

Could it be that something is happening in your life because it supports your own personal journey in the bigger picture? That’s what the astrology of potential is all about.

Astrology Heals – Learn More

I talk more about synchronicity and the astrology of potential in my book Astrology Heals. Check it out at astrologyheals.com under the products tab. You can read more about my book and order my book online.

The book will help you find out how your astrology chart can help you connect with synchronicity?and create more meaningful connections and coincidences in your life. It will help you have more happiness, joy, and meaning. It can help you experience more fulfilling situations and circumstances, and make sense of things in the bigger picture.

Thanks for watching today, I’ll see you next time. Bye for now!