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Finding Spiritual Truth in a World of Alternative Facts ? Pisces Full Moon September 1-2, 2020

The upcoming Pisces Full Moon dissolves boundaries, opening us to a greater flow, where all things are connected.

Pisces in the zodiac can help us access empathy and compassion, bringing a sense of unity and oneness with one another and with a bigger spiritual picture. But it can also bring a fog of confusion to things that previously seemed clear-cut.

The astrological alignments of 2020 have led us to face some of the consequences of past choices and developments as we face the ongoing breakdown of systems, structures, and institutions.

At the same time the foundations of our current reality are crumbling, Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011, sometimes bringing reality confusion that is characterized by lies, delusions, conspiracy theories, officially sanctioned gaslighting, and alternative versions of the truth.

But let?s take a step back and consider the higher possibilities of the placement of Neptune in Pisces. What is it inviting us to do? What is possible if we are available for the bigger lesson?

When Neptune–a ruler of Pisces–is in Pisces, psychic and spiritual energies are heightened. The divine is speaking to us, if we are able to listen.

The problem is, all the other voices (from alternate realities) are speaking as well. It is important to stay grounded, check your perspectives with those you trust, and think critically, in order to remain open and available for deeper truths.

In order for humanity to be the best it can be, we must transcend corruption, dysfunction, unbridled greed, and the perpetration and justification of immoral and illegal acts in our human structures and institutions.

A deeper awareness of how to embody the higher spiritual ground of morality, compassion, and kindness to ourselves and others is available to us with Neptune in Pisces, and especially with this upcoming Full Moon.

In order to make ourselves available for that deeper awareness, we need to be willing to surrender (a good keyword for Pisces) to a bigger picture of possibility. Letting go of our attachments to firmly entrenched beliefs will help us be more present and compassionate, and more willing to listen to the experiences and perspectives of others.

We are more similar than we are different. When we can open our hearts and listen to one another, we may, ourselves, be changed.