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Why 2020 is Not a Bad Year ? Leo New Moon August 18, 2020

The upcoming Leo New Moon brings some fiery energy, motivating us to action and expression. Leo is about drama, but also about speaking your truth and being heard. What do you need to say and to whom do you need to say it?

This New Moon leads each of us to get clear about our own personal truth. It brings opportunities to make art and tell stories that express your vision for the future and share the deeper awareness that is unfolding in your consciousness.

We are in the middle of a year-long process of breakdown with the opportunity to reconfigure. Be patient, because reconfiguring is more likely to happen next year.

That being said though, with Mars in Aries squaring Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn, now is the time to take a stand for what is important to you. Planting your flag in the sand now is an important step in taking advantage of this time period in order to create the future you want.

In 2020, we are collectively more agitated and anxious about what is happening and what it means for the future than we have been in a long time, and the planets are telling us this is likely to continue for just a few more months, into December.

But imagine that you are currently laying the foundation of what is to come. You can’t see it because it isn?t here yet, but you can make plans and take steps in alignment with what you want to see unfold.

I have seen the memes about 2020 being a horrible year. But 2020 is not a bad year, 2020 is a year of transformation. For rebirth to happen, you have to be willing to let go of old ways of thinking and being.

Change is confusing when you are in the midst of it, but if you can trust the process and respond powerfully?with love, patience, and compassion?to the challenges before you, you will make the most of the opportunities present.

So find your courage, and speak your truth. The world needs you to!