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Freedom and Conflict ? Aquarius Full Moon August 3, 2020

The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus (the planet of freedom, rebellion, and individuality) bringing themes of rebellion and conflicts around freedom.

On one hand, that means we may not see an end to disagreements, conflicts, and protests (around police brutality and racial justice in the U.S., pandemic-related restrictions, mask wearing, etc.) anytime soon.

But on the other hand, every astrological configuration can be looked at from the perspective of empowerment, healing, and possibility. So what does that mean for this Full Moon?

The t-square formed between the Sun, Moon, and Uranus invites us to question our old ways of reacting, and step into a higher level of consciousness.

This could mean, for example, transforming fear that paralyzes into fear that awakens courage and heart-centered action. Or it could mean becoming more aware of the privileges you have and how you can use them to bring about healing in the collective. Or it might mean finding ways to bring more of your authentic truth into a situation.

The positive side of Aquarius is the energy of insight and inspiration, of outside-the-box thinking and higher-consciousness problem solving. To awaken it, we have to clear away the old patterns and pathways long enough for new ideas to occur to us.

The world is changing, and the limitations of the past are lifting. Ultimately it is up to each of us to decide what is important to us and where we stand. When we come together, support one another, and make genuine, authentic attempts to be the source of positive change, more is possible than we know?for ourselves, for humanity, and for the world.