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Transcript – Bringing Things Into Balance

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Hello! Thanks for coming by. I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

This week I got a question from a listener who asked if I had any tips about how to bring balance back into your life.

My Book is About Balance

As a matter of fact, that?s my main thing. I actually wrote a whole book about it, called Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. In it we use astrology to help us keep our lives in balance and to make sure that were addressing all components of ourselves so that we can stay on track with growing and stepping into our full potential.

This means healing not just our bodies, but our minds and our souls as well. Because balance for me all comes down to the four elements.

We have, as I mentioned, not only a physical body which would correlate with the earth component of earth, air, fire, and water? but we have all four components.

This graphic is from my book. You can see that we’re talking about not just earth?which is the body and physical world?but also mind, emotion, and spirit. Of course we need all four pieces to be whole and to address our needs as human beings, and also as spiritual and soul-based beings.

The Four ElementsFour Elements Graphic

To really step into why we are here in this lifetime, to live our soul’s calling and learn the lessons we’re here to learn?so we can experience the kind of life that we’re here to truly experience and step into?we need all four.


We need to earth, which is, again, the physical world. Balancing your earth element means attending to your body and its needs for nutrition and good rest and all the physical care that you do for your body; taking care of it, and getting help from the doctor when you need to.


Air is the is the side of us that is about thinking: it deals with ideas, thinking, processing ideas, communication, and language. It is the part of us that needs to think, work things through, and understand.

So now you can add to the physical world: not only do you need to eat well and take care of your body, but you also need to understand why, understanding is behind your choices. It includes why you’re making them and it’s important to feel good and right about that. So your mind needs to feel attended to and balanced.


You also need, of course, to include your spirit. Spirit is about action and movement in the world. It is about the ability to express yourself. Spirit has to do with how we move, how we connect with spirit, but it’s also how we express ourselves and what we need to do.

It is how we need to be in action, moving and expressing ourselves in alignment with our truth. It’s where we need to find our courage and take action. It’s important that our spirit is getting, doing, and expressing what it needs.


Finally, we have what is commonly left out of the whole equation because it’s not given a lot of value. Emotion is the water element. Emotion helps us heal and live in alignment with our purpose. We are feeling beings. We need to feel and we only truly can heal at deeper levels when we can feel.

Imagine, for example, a mother holding a child and the amount of healing that’s happening in that interaction when a mother is simply holding a child who maybe fell down and skinned their knee, or was insulted, or just needs comfort. The mother holding the child is healing, and that’s what water is all about. It’s not about doing anything. It’s about being present and being a force for caring and loving kindness.

Which Element Do You Need?

It’s important to do what we need to do to bring balance in terms of the elements. It helps us feel right and true within ourselves. So, to bring balance to your life I would ask you which of these four elements needs attention for you?

We all have certain elements that we’re made up more of. There are some elements we are more comfortable with and others we are less comfortable with.

You could look at which of those four elements are needed for you. Consider the following:

Need more Air: Do you need to spend more time thinking and talking things through? Do you have a other tendency to leap into action without really thinking things through? Do you need to slow down and process things more mentally by thinking, discussing, or writing things out?

Need more Water: Do you need to stop and feel? Are you giving yourself permission to attend to your emotional needs and your needs for comfort and just to restore yourself and and take care of yourself?

Need more Fire: Do you need more action? Do you need to do need to move, or do something? Do you need to get out and take action and make something happen rather than just waiting and hoping?

Need more Earth: Or do you need to think more about your physical body and your physical needs, or give more time and attention to gardening or cooking or making things? People who have earth imbalances sometimes have trouble completing projects because they might have trouble imagining tangible outcomes or results.

What Will You Do to Bring Balance to YOUR Life?

That’s just a really quick overview for you but hopefully that helps you see how to think about and work on bringing balance into your life.

Again my book is Astrology Heals: The Ormes Method of Transformational Astrology. My method is all about using astrology to help us take care of ourselves and when we take care of ourselves on all these levels mind, body, spirit, and emotion?

When we achieve this balance, we are able to heal our whole selves and step into our full potential to live the lives that we really want to have. Then we can experience the joy, abundance, and freedom that are so important.

I hope this has been helpful to you. To learn more, check out astrologyheals.com. You can read about my book on my website.

Thanks for joining me! I?ll see you next time.