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Transcript of The Astrology of Hope

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Hello! I’m Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Thank you for joining me today. We are talking about the astrology of hope. If you’ve struggled recently with the state of the world or the state of things around you? or if you?ve been in a position of trying to imagine a future but feeling frustrated or unsure whether that future is even possible? astrology can give us something to hold onto.

Astrology reminds us that all things happen in time and all things move in cycles. I did write a book called Cycles of Healing: Personal transformation in relationship to a living cosmos.

It’s about cycles of healing, and the astrological cycles are ongoing cycles that help us understand why things are the way they are at any given time. They also describe the bigger picture of where we are coming from and what we are moving into.

A really simple and approachable cycle is the cycle of the Moon. We can see that the Moon waxes, which means getting bigger as it moves toward full, and wanes again back to a New Moon.

Just like our in breath and out breath, we have this constant ongoing cycle that’s reminding us of?for example, when the Moon is new is time for new beginnings. It’s time to set intentions for the coming cycle.

When the Moon is full, something is coming to fruition. Something is being revealed. When we follow and align with those cycles, we can recognize that there are certain points, certain times where things feel harder but we always know that new beginnings are coming.

There are other planetary cycles going on as well, and one of the things happening in 2020 is that there are three outer planets all coming together like a New Moon.

A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon come together. And now we have these slow-moving outer planets that have cycled for many years?decades, even centuries. For them to be coming together?all three of these outer planets?Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto?to be coming together is a very rare thing, and it is happening in 2020.

For this to be happening in Capricorn is even more rare and Capricorn is the energy of teaching us something. It is the energy of things having to be hard so that we find our inner resources, where our strengths are.

So with this alignment we have a chance to develop our backbone and a sense of self-confidence, to find our own authority and take charge and to act on what’s important to us.

The reason things have to feel hard during a Capricorn part of the cycle is because it’s about us learning who we are. It is about us finding our resources, our capacity to hope and to believe in the future.

If we can do that in the hardest of times then we’re even better at doing all the time.

So when things are hard we are invited to create the future. We are invited to take charge of what is unfolding and imagine what’s important to us. We can plan for it, act on it, and create foundations for the future. These are all good Capricorn qualities?laying foundations and taking action in the direction of a goal, planning, and mapping things out.

It’s a time to take steps that are going to help you create a long-term goal. Thinking long term is very Capricorn, so it’s very important that we think long-term and imagine how we want to come out of these challenges.

It’s time to think about what we want to create and want to be when things feel different. And it will feel different, because things will change.

Astrological cycles remind us that things continue to move and change. There’s always something new that is awaiting us, so let’s keep going.

Keep working to find your inner resources and put your energies, hopes, and efforts into the things that are truly important to you because the astrological cycles are actually supporting us in doing so.

Thank you so much for watching me today! Check out astrologyheals.com for more information and take a look at my book, Cycles of Healing, it’s all about these planetary cycles and how they help us live more consciously, more according to the truth in our souls.

Thanks again. I’ll see you next time, bye for now!