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Make Someone Smile – Cancer New Moon July 20, 2020

This second New Moon in a row in Cancer emphasizes how we care for one another, and ourselves. With the New Moon in a close opposition to Saturn, we are also reminded of the limitations of our systems and institutions.

In the midst of a global pandemic, we are deeply confronted with themes of what it means to care and how local, state, and national governments are (or are not) taking care of the people for whom they are responsible.

Cancer is also about children, and how we treat and care for the young. The question of whether schools should open and how our children will be cared for is a central theme coming up around this New Moon.

Interestingly enough, it turns out that the ?day care? function provided by schools that allows parents to work is harder to replace than we realized. Many children also depend on school to make sure they are fed.

It is important to remember that in the midst of the myriad problems the world is currently facing, that our capacity to provide caring and kindness to one another is a source of our capacity to heal, both individually and collectively.

It is normal to feel frightened and overwhelmed at times, but it is also within our grasp to remember that small acts of kindness and caring can make both you and the beneficiary of your kindness feel better.

And when you are the one in need, remembering to reach out and ask for help may be the source of your own ability to change your circumstances, or to feel better, or at least not as alone.

We are all human beings, but we are also humans being. We are all in this together and we need each other. What can you do today that might make someone else smile?