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What Does Responsibility Really Mean? – Capricorn Lunar Eclipse July 4-5, 2020

Capricorn is the sign of responsibility. But what is responsibility?

Responsibility = the Ability to Respond

How we respond—to the situations and circumstances we find ourselves in currently—matters.

With the Moon Full (and in a Lunar Eclipse) in Capricorn, Jupiter and Pluto having just completed the second of three exact conjunctions, and retrograde Saturn now having moved back into Capricorn to join the others, we feel the heaviness of the realities we are currently facing.

Capricorn and Saturn, the planet that rules Capricorn and has similar qualities, serve an important function in life. They serve to remind us of our limitations.

By doing so, they push us to learn what we need to learn in order to become stronger and more effective. They do this in much the same way that a good teacher pushes us to become all we are capable of.

It’s not always a lot of fun, but by seeing where we haven?t quite met the mark in being the best we can be, we have the opportunity to learn and grow. In hindsight, we will be grateful that things were not easy.

The future we are creating depends upon the ways we respond now: to a global pandemic and caring for our communities, to the problems of white supremacy and racial and economic injustice, to patriarchy, white supremacy, misogyny, LGBTQ issues, and oppression in all of its forms.

Between now and December, around the winter solstice, all three outer planets will remain in Capricorn. Mars, the warrior, is in Aries the entire time (unusually long due to a retrograde phase) asking us to find our courage and take action on what matters to us.

The ways we respond now will determine how humanity as a whole will handle these issues. Do not underestimate the power of your own healing, thoughts, and actions. Take care of yourself, because you need to be strong, and find ways to contribute to our collective healing that are true to who you are.

What you do… matters.