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An Invitation to Heal Through Caring – Cancer Solar Eclipse June 20, 2020

This energetically potent eclipse, in the sign of Cancer on the day of the summer solstice, brings an opportunity to consider what it means to belong, where we find our home, and how we care for one another.

It falls in the very first degree of Cancer. The first degree of the cardinal signs in the zodiac correspond with the solstices and equinoxes, as well as what is called in astrology the ?four angles,? or the four points of a cross (think–up, down, right, and left, like this: +).

Cancer is the point at the bottom of the chart, below our feet. It is our roots, ancestry, home, home base, family, and sense of belonging.

Each of us will have our own personal experience of this, but in the collective, we are in the process of redefining what it means to belong. This includes how we care for one another and who we are as a people.

The previous Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, asked us to change the way we tell the story of who we are. Combine that with this summer solstice Solar Eclipse, in the midst of major outer-planet alignments throughout 2020, and we have an invitation to go deep.

Every zodiac sign has an invitation for healing, for moving from a lower possibility within that quality of energy to a higher possibility. For Cancer, it looks like this:

(image from my book, Astrology Heals)

When we look at this invitation to grow and evolve from the perspective of current events and awareness of institutionalized racism/oppression of marginalized groups, we can see that humanity itself is being asked to heal and grow our capacity for caring. We have a choice to dig in our heels and refuse to change, or to step into new ways of being.

Eclipses are gateways. They tend to be meaningful times when something is introduced or removed, when something changes that helps us to see something we couldn?t see before.

As with all astrological alignments, how we respond to the opportunities presented is up to us. With this one, the invitation is to step into our vulnerability, to shed the crab?s shell with a readiness to grow. When we are open, honest, and real with an intention for healing and caring, healing can unfold from there.

If we instead put out the Cancer?s crab claws and refuse to change, we not only risk harming others, but we will reinforce old ways of being that are becoming increasingly unsustainable. Clinging to old ways of being does not serve our healing and growth.

As always, love is the way through. Attend to your own self care and personal needs so you can be there for others. You don’t need to do what others are responsible for. You need to do what you are responsible for.

Make sure to fill your own tank so you can be present and available to be yourself and be in your truth when you are called upon to take a stand for caring in the world.