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Transcript of Dismantling Racism?on the Cancer Summer Solstice Eclipse

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Hi there! I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. My business is called Astrology Heals because astrology is, in fact, very healing. It helps us understand ourselves at multiple levels of mind, body, emotion, and spirit. It helps us understand what we need and the bigger picture of what’s being asked of us.

Astrology is not just telling us what’s going to happen to us or how we are made up. It is actually helping us to understand the bigger picture of our own healing and evolution. It reveals how we can respond, how we can change our perspective or attitude, and how we can make changes in unconscious patterns that we may have. All of these things help us to be more whole, feel more healthy, more peaceful or aligned, more joyful, and more safe and happy.

Coming up this week on June 20, 2020, we have a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer, in the very first degree of the sign of Cancer. This is a very potent eclipse. Not only does it fall on the summer solstice which is the day that the sun moves into Cancer and also happens to be the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, but it is also a shift into the beginning of Cancer.

Cancer as a Zodiac Sign

The sign of Cancer is about feelings; it is a water sign. It is also about family and roots and belonging. It is the sign of the mother and the child and so it has to do with this deep sense of belonging. It connects us with our ancestry. It helps us identify with the bigger picture of a family and a family context.

So this question of who we are, where we belong, where we live? and making decisions around that is what the invitation of this solar eclipse on the summer solstice. It brings an invitation to make decisions about who we are, who are our people, where do we belong what’s important to us.

Dialing back a couple weeks before the solar eclipse we had a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius and some very very potent energies and shifts around that lunar eclipse. You might recall that in this recent past, in the days leading up to that lunar eclipse was the murder of George Floyd and the uprising in the collective of this discussion of systemic racism. It was the beginning of this explosion of anger and protests, all of which are justified–well certainly the anger is justified–due to the centuries of injustice.

Going back to this concept of family and ancestry and belonging, these deep deep wounds that are there for black people in terms of where they belong and who they are, being taken from their ancestral home etc. So there is this experience for white people of having white privilege, that we are all part of this story together and when you have privilege, when you have a power imbalance, you have two sides of a dynamic–you have an abuser or a perpetrator and you have a victim.

Identity, Heros, and White Privilege

We are in the position of having the power, as white people, and having that privilege and in the in the general sense at least people argue about what about this person and that person but we are talking about the collective and the perception of race. It is not just black people, with all minority groups there are issues, but in this particular instance we are talking about this foundation of the United States of America and how it came to be and how it became independent, how its wealth was built on slavery, etc.

So we have some deep, deep problems and that is what is coming to the surface through the process of this this eclipse season we are having right now. It is happening in the context of a bigger picture astrological cycles which I’ve talked a lot about so I’m not going to go into that right now.

What I do want to talk about and just touch on here is is this question of identity. We just do not have models in our in our collective–in the movies we watch, the stories that we tell–it is very easy for all of us collectively to identify with the victim perspective of that power dynamic, power imbalance.

Pretty much any movie or story that you are present to you is about triumphing over evil. It’s about identifying as the hero or the main character, whoever it is, being the hero to triumph over this evil character that is dehumanized. In a way of course victims are dehumanized so I don’t want to? I just want to be clear that what I’m saying is that the evil we are trying to triumph over doesn’t have a depth to it.

You don’t usually see the perpetrator coming into consciousness or gaining an awareness or healing themselves or transforming to, you know, ?get it? and understand their victims and do that healing process that we all crave so deeply. My point is that we just don’t have examples, we don’t have a story that tells us when you are in the position of an abuser here’s what to do.

Nobody Identifies as the Bad Guys

Of course nobody identifies with?nobody wants to be?the abuser. Maybe there are moments where you might be feeling mean for one reason or another, but in the general sense of how we identify we just don’t have models for how to come in touch with that part of ourselves that that may be abusing our power or that may have privilege or that may be ignorant of the harm being done to others. We may be in denial about the way that other people are experiencing life and how we can make it better, how we have responsibility for that.

So this is something to think about. I know there’s just so much more there that we could dive into, but this idea that we all carry within us this dynamic, this need to ?other? groups of people and to make them evil or to make them bad because we don’t want to be that ourselves. It is just absolutely critical, I think, in these conversations we are having that we begin to recognize the parts of ourselves that can unconsciously be in that? in that silence Dr. Martin Luther King talked about. We are being the silent friends who are not saying what we need to say because we don’t see ourselves as the problem.

So anyway, this is my perspective and my thoughts about this issue. It is something I have thought about my entire life. I have read? I know the horrors of what’s gone on and the traumas and so if you aren’t familiar with that stuff it’s really important to get yourself present to it and to take it in in ways that are manageable for you. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself to the point where you shut down. but it is horrific and it’s real in terms of our history and also in terms of what’s going on with injustices today.

So let?s think about this Cancer eclipse in terms of how can we all be more caring for each other, how we can attend to our own needs in a way that helps us to be part of the solution rather than in denial or staying neutral which perpetuates the cycle. We need to look at ourselves and our capacity for being an abuser. I think it is valuable. It is hard stuff to talk about and again we don’t really have stories for it. It doesn’t feel okay to be the ?bad guy.?

If we had models of healing that were connected to being on the wrong side of a power dynamic and recognizing that, shifting your awareness and your perspective to a different level where that healing is possible? where you can recognize or come to a place of feeling that responsibility? whether that’s apologizing, taking action but not out of guilt but really out of, like, this is better for me? it’s helping to liberate ourselves from this dynamic we have as human beings.

Cancer is Caring

We need to be free from this feeling of having to be on one side or the other in a win/lose situation because we really are all one and we really are dependent on each other for having our needs met. This will help us in terms of doing our own healing and living the truth that is in our hearts. That’s really why we’re here, to live the purpose of our soul?our soul’s purpose.

So maybe this will help get you thinking a little bit. I’d love to hear from you in the comments what you think, what comes up for you. W have to keep it civil so always be respectful in the comments and thank you so much for listening and for watching.

My book is Cycles of Healing and it talks all about how we can use these astrological cycles to understand our bigger picture of healing of shifting consciousness, becoming more awake and aware, and healing mind body spirit and soul. So check it out: Cycles of Healing. My name is Marina Ormes. I’m the founder of Astrology Heals. Check me out at astrologyheals.com. Thanks again for watching and take good care of yourself. See you next time.