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Transcript of Creating a New Reality with Intention with Marina Ormes

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Greetings! Thank you for joining me. I am Marina Ormes, the founder of Astrology Heals and also the author of this fun little book called Cycles of Healing: Personal transformation in relationship to a living cosmos.

My book is all about how the planets continually move in cycles of energy and how these cycles of energy describe the things that were going through as human beings. They can help us understand the bigger picture of what’s happening and why. Instead of just feeling like we’re being tossed about in the waves of the latest news headlines and the latest outrage and the latest thing to be afraid of, we can think in terms of these cycles and that things happen at certain times for certain reasons, and they have to do with a bigger picture of healing and change for us as human beings.

This is our bigger evolutionary process, and anything that we’re experiencing at any given time is part of that process. This book tells you how this works and how the different planetary cycles describe our human process of transforming our experience and how we can take that into her own hands and do it on purpose.

Recently I recorded a video for you called Truth, Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Science: How to be happier and create a better world. If you missed that you may want to go check it out because I talked all about what’s happening right now in the context of the planets?how things are breaking down what it is inviting us to step into. One of the things I touched upon in that video that I didn’t have time to go into in-depth, that I want to talk to you more about today, is the concept of intention. We can work with our intention to utilize these planetary cycles in these opportunities for healing and change.

Working with intention will help us create that better world that we want to live and to step into our own potential as human beings?for what it is we can create, what we can experience in life, and how to do that optimally. One of the quotes that I have in my book Cycles of Healing is about agreement.

In that video, Truth, Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Science, I talked about how how reality is formed by agreement, and how we have power over our own reality. I want to read you a short section from my book. It says:

?Because reality is what you know, when you change what you know you change reality. You can change your perspective at any time. You have control over what you believe. This is pretty straightforward. The trickier part comes with shared reality, because shared reality requires your agreement and also the agreement of someone else therefore the more people who agree with you the stronger the reality and the more difficult it is to change.?

We have in our in our reality right now?in our world, in our human experience… different beliefs operating simultaneously. We have different actions and people who do not agree with each other and this is creating stress, tension, and conflict.

When people have such different views of the world, it’s a reflection of the fact that reality itself is breaking down, that we are no longer agreeing. For instance, we are no longer upholding the same political system that we’ve always had. We are not agreeing necessarily about what family values are or different things ways that we operate in our human experience.

This quote goes on. It says:

?You have the power to withhold your agreement from anything you do not wish to support. Of course initially this can be anywhere from mildly to extremely uncomfortable?even lethal. But even though forces outside of you can, in extreme cases of disagreement, take your life, they cannot force you to agree with them. The crux of your power is your capacity to choose.?

That’s the essence of what I’m talking about, and of course I go into more depth in the book but what I’m talking about today is the power of intention and how our intention can be the foundation of what it is so, where we are choosing to place our agreement. So again, reality is formed by agreement. Reality doesn’t exist outside of our consent to it and our agreement.

When I’m looking outside and I see a yellow building and you are saying ?yes, that is a yellow building,? you are agreeing that is a yellow building. Then we have a reality that it is a yellow building. When somebody doesn’t agree, when we start to see it differently, that’s when reality breaks down.

How can we steer the course of reality? This is what we’re going through in this human moment of transformation and change, of breakdown of systems, structures, and reality itself. We have this amazing opportunity to intentionally create, to steer the new reality that is being created. This is really good news if you are an activist, if you’ve been wanting change for a long time or working toward a better world and feel like you’ve been frustrated at every turn.

What the astrology right now is saying is that there really is a chance to bring change, some real deep-rooted change. How we are going to do that is by steering this course of where reality is heading, and what is been created. Coming back to this concept of intention, the beautiful thing about intention is that it never goes away.

You always have your intention if you choose to, and no matter how much someone disagrees with you?again, they cannot force you to agree with them?they cannot control your intention. That belongs to you. It’s yours.

Intention can be simply internal or it can also be shared externally in a statement of what’s important to you. An intention could be, you know, ?I intend to make more money? right? That might be a less powerful intention than ?I intend to experience more abundance? in whatever form, because when we get attached to something looking a particular way that’s when the universe, that the tricksters of the universe, like to play with us.

Some of the gods are tricksters, and some of the planets are gods, so they are going to say ?okay, so you want more money.? Maybe you’ll get more money but maybe also get it taken away from you. So be really clear in your intention about what it is you want.

Do you want to experience more freedom, less stress, feel more rested, feel more abundant, or have more regular experiences of joy, pleasure, love, or compassion? Coming back to your intention, it is rooted in the core of you. This is something nobody can take away from you, so when somebody wants to pressure you or you are experiencing peer pressure, that can’t change the core inside of you.

When you remember, ?my intention is to experience more abundance,? ?my intention is to feel safe,? ?my intention is to be able to move more in my body?? you can make it less about what society expects of you. It can be less like you are losing weight to fit into some ideal society has, or that you’ve internalized, and more like ?my intention is to love my body,? ?my intention is to feel free, to be able to move?? and that may or may not result in losing weight, right?

When we get attached to having some particular outcome, when it has to be that way in order for us to feel okay, that’s when we set ourselves up for failure. But when we stay grounded in this core of intention for joy, freedom, safety, abundance, or peace? these core things that we can keep ourselves anchored in? they are going to help us steer the creation of this future.

When you choose your intention then you are helping to create the world you want to live in. Then, when you find yourself thrown off course or feeling stressed or overwhelmed or frightened or thinking that you’re never going to succeed or that you’re never going to have what you want? all you do is you come back to your intention. ?My intention is to experience freedom, etc.?

That is a gift that you’re giving yourself because that freedom dwells within you. When you affirm that and make small choices in your life to experience freedom, abundance, joy, safety, or whatever experiences you are retraining yourself to have, they grow from there. The solutions then present themselves. You don’t have to figure it out because when you’re starting from this place of intention the universe organizes itself around you and that is what real manifestation is.

The universe supports you to create the things you want?once again, not through being attached to what something might look like but through being centered in the core of the experience you want to feel.

There’s a good, really solid introduction for you on the concept of intention and my book Cycles of Healing will show you how to work with your intention to work throughout these cycles as they are ongoing. There are many cycles happening at any given time. We have cycles of the Moon constantly reminding us to align with our intention. We also have bigger picture of planetary cycles all interpenetrating in their cyclical relationships. In this beautiful elegant way, the universe supports us on multiple levels to continue to do our work of change.

I’ll be sharing more with you about this so stay tuned. Check out my book and I will see you next time! I’m at astrologyheals.com and the book is called Cycles of Healing. It’s available on my website and also on Amazon so check it out. Thanks for watching, I?ll see you next time.