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Transcript of Why I Don’t Believe in Astrology with Marina Ormes

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Hello, thanks for joining me! I am Marina Ormes of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com. Last week if you missed it I talked about truth, lies, conspiracy theories, and science?it was really fabulous.

If you missed that you may want to make sure and go back and listen to that recording. Today we will be building off of what I talked about then. You can go ahead and watch today’s video even if you haven?t seen Truth, Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Science yet.

You can always go back and watch that one, but for today what I will be talking about is why I don’t believe in astrology. This is a fun topic. I love it because it throws people a bit. One of the most common bits of resistance that I get when I tell people I’m an astrologer or let them know what I do they say ?sorry, but I don’t believe in astrology.?

It’s funny because I say ?I don’t believe in it either.? That’s not what they’re expecting me to say, so here’s the thing: astrology is not a belief system. This is a huge huge myth that we have in our mainstream culture and astrology is not something to believe in.

You Don’t Believe in a Language

It’s not like that. Think about it. What exactly would you be believing? Would you believe that the stars influence your life, that Jupiter has a particular market on the truth or your life, or what’s possible for your life is somehow outside of your power?

It just does not work that way, and this is one of the biggest uphill battles that astrologers have in terms of explaining what astrology is and how it works. I think of astrology as less of something you would believe in and more of like a language, like French. If you?re learning French, it is a different way of thinking. It’s different vocabulary, different structures, and a different system than your native language, unless you were born a French speaker.

So I don’t believe in French, I just have the ability to learn what French is and how it works. I might learn this new language, and learn new possibilities for how to think about and describe the world.

Learning the language of astrology isn?t based on what I believe in. I am still me, I still have my own thoughts of my own choices but it gives me a framework and terminology?it gives me vocabulary and tools and ways of thinking that help me make sense of some of the things that happen in my life that didn?t previously have words.

An example would be, you know, you’re going through a stressful time in your life and you might feel a little depressed or overwhelmed or confused and people around you want to offer solutions. They say ?this what you should do that works,? ?have you tried this solution or this therapy?? and they want to, like, simplify it and say ?here’s the problem and here’s a solution,? and ?this is what you need to try,? and ?this is going to fix it.?

But really my experience, my internal experience of being me and going through this difficult time, feels much more complex. It feels more complicated than what could be easily explained and understood and made into a rational thing by other people.

My experience might be that there’s something coming up for me that’s getting triggered from my past, that is being triggered by the particular events and situations that are happening around me. But really, it is not rational and it goes much deeper.

It might be that what I’m experiencing is bringing up something that isn’t obviously connected to the thing that’s causing problems. Maybe I have money stress but it could be that what is really going on for me is worries about health. Or it could be that I’m afraid to speak my mind to someone, or maybe I’m afraid of being successful. It could be any number of things going on at a deeper level.

That’s what astrology helps us with. It helps give us a bigger picture of context and meaning for what is happening. When we look at an astrology chart, astrologers of course can read the symbols in the chart, and what we’re reading is not a linear logical sentence structure like we have in our normal English language or whatever language you speak.

Multidimensional Thinking

We typically use linear, logical ways of thinking to understand and explain things. You might say, ?well, if you’re if you’re experiencing something uncomfortable or painful then just solve the problem that’s causing it and the problem goes away and you’re done.?

That’s linear thinking. It goes from A to B to C. But what astrology does is it gives us a way of thinking in a circular way? so an astrology chart, you may have seen one?it looks like a circle that has 12 slices: each sign of the zodiac is one slice of the pie.

With astrology, you can move beyond linear thinking to think in terms of a circle. The different parts of the chart interrelate and they can tell us everything from what are the kinds of issues and themes that may be coming up in your life right now to where those come from to what you might have experienced in past lives.

Astrology gives you a language that can describe the kinds of issues and themes you might be dealing with throughout your life. It helps you connect with the best ways to address those issues and themes at a deeper level, at a more complex level? at a level that’s much more circular and cyclical. It describes how things move along and come back in and change over time.

It gives us a way to approach our own selves, our own truth, and our own complexity that is going towards a purpose?where we’re moving in a linear direction through time from birth to death but we also have the cycles that repeat throughout our lives.

Astrology gives us a language and a tool for describing understanding those cycles. There’s a beginning understanding for you about why astrology is not something to believe in. It’s a system, a language, and a tool.

It’s a tool that can take us beyond linear thinking. One-dimensional thinking would be from A to B. A point is no dimensions, a line is one dimension, a square would be two dimensions, and a cube would be three dimensions.

Linear thinking is one-dimensional thinking but as soon as you have a circle, and circular thinking, you’re expanding into two dimensions so you’re already beyond the limitations of the dimensions that you had before, including the ways that you were thinking about things and the words that you had to describe them.

Expanding Consciousness

To sum up, astrology gives you more words, interrelated thoughts, complexity, and more ability to expand into your potential because it can hold this bigger picture, this bigger knowledge and awareness of who you are. It can hold an expansion of consciousness, and not only is it two dimensions like a circle but that changes over time making it more like a spiral.

Think about the spiral on a spiral notebook. It is not two dimensions? it’s three. Three dimensions, right? It goes around and around and around but it also moves on in space. That’s also how astrology helps us to give a context and a language for our lives.

That’s just a little tidbit for you. Of course there is so much more to learn, but I hope it was helpful and you enjoyed it. I hope that you understand now why I say I don’t believe in astrology!

Check me out at astrologyheals.com. You can learn more about me and what I’m doing and I love to answer any questions you have. Just reach out to us at info@astrologyheals.com. I?ll see you next time. Thanks for watching!