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Transcript of Truth, Lies, Conspiracy Theories, and Science – How to Be Happier and Create a Better World

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Hello, greetings! I’m Marina Ormes of Astrology Heals at astrologyheals.com.

Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about information overload, conspiracy theories, truth, and lies.

What is Reality?

With social media, news that is coming from questionable sources, and people you may not trust deciding what you will hear, how do you know what to believe in this era of information chaos? How do you filter news and make decisions in the context of a barrage of information coming at you, with no clear way to know what you should believe?

Sometimes you choose one thing to believe but somebody else you know believes something else, so how we manage all of this? Of course we all want to experience more abundance, joy, pleasure, feelings of peace and happiness, and more safety in our lives. That is one of the things that can be disrupted when we are confused about what is so.

It is hard to feel peaceful when you don’t know for sure if something you believed yesterday now seems to not be true today. That can be unsettling, so how do we navigate this?

Fortunately we have this amazing system of astrology that can really help us understand. This helps us know what is going on and how to make sense of it. It can really help us stay anchored and understand the bigger picture and that?s what I’m going to share with you today.

Not only do we want to experience greater safety and peaceful feelings and joy and abundance in our lives but we also want to live in a world that is guided by these things. How can we all participate more fully in creating and co-creating a world that truly is guided by these higher possibilities and higher feelings that we want to have and to live by?

If you want a more peaceful world, if you want a more peaceful life, if you want to live in a world that feels less chaotic and more grounded and safe? now is the time when everything is changing and it’s time to move forward and create that.

This is what we’ve been talking about here. I wrote a book called Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos. You can get it on Amazon by doing a search on my name, Marina Ormes. You can also go to astrologyheals.com and go to the products tab there and you can read about this book and my other products.

Check this out because this book goes into great detail about reality: what it is, how it’s created, why it breaks down, and how we can participate in creating it and shaping the future in a way that works better for us, in a way that works better for all beings.

This is not in a selfish way like, ?I’m going to have a good life and I don’t care what happens to anybody else? but really in a way where we can have our cake and eat it too, where we can create and participate in creating our own lives in ways that feel more authentic, more connected, more fulfilling, more meaningful. And also live in a world where everyone has that opportunity.

We can collaborate together and use our creative powers to think of new solutions and creating systems that work better. Systems has been the name of the game lately and I’ve been talking in my recent videos about the breakdown of systems and structures. If you missed those you can find them on YouTube under Astrology Heals and also on my Astrology Heals Facebook page. I have all the videos there as well so whatever you prefer.

Breakdown of Systems and Structures

This breakdown that’s happening in systems and structures a has to do with what astrology is telling us is this bigger picture of the planet Pluto. Pluto is the planet of transformation, of death and rebirth. Pluto is moving through the sign of Capricorn which is the sign of systems and structures systems and structures are like the bony skeleton in our body that’s the structure that holds up our body.

Another kind of structure is a house that is a structure?a construct?it’s something that we have made that can then provide for us. The system or context is a place to be where we can do the things we want to do and have a place to get our needs met.

Another kind of structure is a medical system and a medical system as you know provides us with things we can count on. We can count on their being lab tests and doctors, and procedures when we need them.

There are all different kinds of systems. All of these systems right now are in the process of being broken down and reconstructed. So whether that is your area of contribution or you have some other area in which you can serve, we all have our own area of contribution where we can make a difference.

Another example would be a system like system of justice so where we have our laws written on the books but we also have the ways and methods by which we interpret those laws and make choices. That’s another example of a system where we are starting to really become conscious of the flaws and problems that are there. Not that many of those problems haven’t been there all along, but right now our awareness is shifting in a way that is moving us toward being able to do something about it.

This breakdown is what happens as Pluto moves through Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 and will be in Capricorn until 2023, so this breakdown is a slow, grinding process because we would not be able to make these changes overnight.

It has to go deep enough, and that?s what Pluto does. It takes us where we can really get to the heart of something, in the truth of something. This process is happening where systems are breaking down and is not just death it’s also rebirth.

We have this opportunity right now to contribute to creating new systems and updating and upgrading our system so that they work better, so how do we do that when we don’t know how to be sure about what’s true?

Truth and Lies

That’s where the truth, lies, conspiracy theories, and science come in. The difference between truth and lies is really?they are both ways of creating reality. Reality can be constructed based on lies, systems can be constructed on lies just as much as they can be constructed based in truth and the reality is it’s probably some of both.

So what is truth? Truth is something you connect with inside. Truth is something you feel, it is something you know. You know it with your being and your intuition?with resonance, with feeling. That resonant feeling can also be there sometimes with lies but then you have this bigger picture where you discover a greater truth, and become aware so you can see the lies for what they are.

The way I was taught was that the truth changes and lies persist. How you know something is the truth is that it is changing and it’s being discovered and is being connected with in the present moment.


This is true in science as well as our own everyday lives. Science is a system for getting at the truth that operates on empirical evidence, with evidence we can see?experiments we can perform, results that we can repeat, and things we can see with our own eyes and measure with our measuring equipment. That’s what science is.

Science is about getting at this bigger picture of what is objectively true that we may not be able to see because we are in our subjective little world. The great thing about science is that it helps us connect with objective truth.

The very foundations of this science are really changing. There are huge paradigm shifts right now in science. In the last 100 years our very understanding of the nature of objective truth is changing.

Since the discoveries of Einstein we realize that the world can’t be boiled down to a series of billiard balls on a table where it is just a matter of understanding the acceleration and the direction, the velocity, etc., and once you figure out all these things you can predict exactly what will happen. That’s what the old science, the old scientific paradigm, is based on. It is this idea that everything is already in a certain kind of order and is just for us to discover how the order works.

The new paradigm of science is saying that we really have no way to prove that objective reality even exists so there there’s absolutely nothing that is telling us that just because we see something that it exists outside of us. It’s all based on our experience and our observation.

So for instance, if I’m looking out the window and I can see the building across the street and it’s yellow, I can tell you there is a yellow building. You can look at it and say ?yeah I see that yellow building? and we can agree on that but we have actually no way to prove that that yellow building exists outside of our observation of it.

Haha, there is something that you can ponder in those moments when you’re out for a walk in nature and hopefully not because you are abusing your body with substances.

At any rate, so our external reality is only available to us as it is interpreted through our experience and our observation. What that means is that even objective reality is what we agree is true. When we agree that we’re going to stand 6 feet apart in a line waiting to go into a store that’s an agreement.


We are creating reality through that agreement, and often in very unconscious ways. I mean, very few will dispute that the building I’m looking at is yellow and if they do dispute that we probably won’t listen because they may have their own little version of reality going on.

But the reality is that we are agreeing. We are agreeing that what we’re observing is what is real and true? and that can change. So that’s what’s happening that’s what we are in the process of right now in this many years experience of Pluto moving through Capricorn.

We are experiencing the very foundations of reality changing. When you think about science before they knew that the planets orbited around the sun when you think about science before they had telescopes or microscopes it was a different reality and so when those discoveries were made they initially were dismissed like the person saying that the building is not yellow.

It was like, ?oh yeah that’s ridiculous,? you know, and so very similar to some of our conspiracy theories that we have right now. When reality is changing you have other sources of information rushing in to try and corner the market on reality and truth.

That’s what’s happening right now. The fact that we are seeing so many different conspiracy theories, different perspectives, or different versions of reality means that we are in a time in which the foundations of reality and our agreement about what reality is, is unstable.

That’s what makes it feel hard and stressful and confusing but the good news is that we also have this opportunity to co-create the reality we want to see. We can consciously participate in the creation of the reality that we want to experience, and so how do we do that?


We do that through our intention. I have a group that works with intention using the cycles of the Moon and the natural cycles of energy in the cosmos that are supporting us in our ongoing process of conscious creation. The group is called Lunar Expedition. The whole program is called Manifesting with Moon Cycles but the paid level is called Lunar Expedition and I have a special right now where you can join for your first 30 days are totally free. You can join and check it out and experience it, and in fact you can get an even more in-depth version of this talk I’m giving right now.

If you join you can watch that presentation during your first 30 days and then it’s only $39 a month after that with the discounted rate right now. If you continue and you remain in this program, what is provided to you is this ongoing support for participating in the co-creation of the reality you want to experience.

It helps you in your life and it also helps the world. It helps us to co-create and to create that agreement for the world that we want to live in and it gives you all the structures, the systems, worksheets, and recordings. You have the guidance of the live support in our online forum and just being part of a group who is working on that.

It’s available at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2020-special. I will post that here as well so you can check that out. Look for that special and have support for being part of this co-creative process.

Remember that we are in this time period of change where, you know, like before people looked through a microscope they had to expand their reality. They had to expand their readiness. They had to be ready to look through the microscope and see that there were little tiny beings that were invisible, that previously didn’t exist because we couldn’t see them.

People became ready to see and to know that there were microbes, and little tiny beings that are smaller than we can see with our eyes then they invented the microscope and lo and behold there they were.

How is that true for us right now? What is it that we are in the process of being ready to understand and to receive in terms of our own awareness, knowledge, consciousness and truth and reality.

This is big big stuff and and I’ve been working on this throughout my career as an astrologer, as a nurse, as a holistic healer, in my spiritual journeys and studies and I mentioned of course I’ve written books about it. I’m very comfortable guiding you through your own learning and working with these energies consciously, to have a better life and also to be the source of creating a better life for all beings so you can be the source of what that’s going to be, rather than be a victim of that.

And being a victim is certainly a choice right now. We certainly have a choice to be in the fear and to let ourselves be overwhelmed by it, but you don’t have to make that choice and I can show you how.

Check it out at manifestingwithmooncycles.com/2020-special. I hope to see you there. Thanks for watching! I?ll see you next time. Bye for now.