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I have four key tips for healing in times of change to share with you. They will help you navigate the astrological alignments of 2020.

If you?re wondering what those alignments are, I?ve been recording a series of videos discussing the changes that are taking place in the collective, and how astrology sheds light on what is happening and what we are being called to step up to.

Click here to watch my Countdown to 2020 Videos.

In my 25 plus years as a professional focused on how astrology serves our path to wholeness and wellness, I have delved deep into the ways we can use astrology as a tool to serve our growth, personal and collective healing, and the greatest good.

One of the reasons I love astrology as a tool SO MUCH is that it describes us as whole beings. We are not only physical beings with mechanical problems. We are holistic being with sometimes conflicting parts, needs, and desires. But astrology simplifies this for us.

According to astrology, we are made up of four elements, and four dimensions of wholeness:

1. Mind ? corresponds with the element of Air and the mental realm in astrology
2. Body ? corresponds with the element of Earth and the physical realm in astrology
3. Spirit ? corresponds with the element of Fire and the realm of movement in astrology
4. Emotion ? corresponds with the element of Water and the realm of feelings in astrology

When I work with clients, we work with all four areas, recognizing that each one is an important part of what it takes to manifest healing, desired outcomes, and positive change. For example:

For Mind/Air, we might work on mindfulness, thoughts, and ways of shifting negative thinking to more positive thoughts.

For Body/Earth, we might choose to work on one?s physical surroundings, one?s relationship to objects, or ways of supporting the body.

For Emotion/Water, we might work on ways to support the flow and processing of emotions and self love.

For Spirit/Fire, we might identify ways of supporting positive actions, loving choices, and authentic decision-making that support growth and healing.

But what do these four elements tell us about how to stay strong and sane during the astrological alignments of 2020? Here are some ways to make the most of the collective evolutionary pressures and the uncertainty we experience, to stand in our highest truth to be an agent for healing and the greatest good.

Let?s break it down and look at the KEY TIP for each element, that will help you navigate the changes in 2020.


Mind ? Air

Key Mind/Air Tip for 2020:
Have a vision you are passionate about and let it draw you forward.

Our thoughts will tend to spiral into fears and negativity if we don’t have a believable, positive vision to replace them with. Choose a vision for the future that inspires you.

Keeping it simple will help you believe it and create it. Maybe it is your relatives having a holiday conversation that is loving and inclusive. Maybe it is a vision of people you care about being successful in something they are working on. Maybe it is a vision of positive political change. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you can actually imagine happening. If your vision is too big and broad, dial it down so it is small and tangible.

Write a statement, draw a picture, or make a collage that represents your vision. Keep this representation somewhere where it can remind you to bring this positive thought in regularly. Most of us are wired to unconsciously dwell on negative thoughts from time to time. It’s okay if you do. Just bring the positive one in on purpose regularly to bring balance and help you feel more peaceful.


Body ??Earth

Key Body/Earth?Tip for 2020:
Care for your body and stay grounded so it can heal and hold a new way of being.

When we attend to the physical world, the physical world tends to respond and support us with the resources we need and the knowledge to access those resources. Choose something you can do to take care of your physical body, because it is a container for who you are becoming.

Again, keep it simple. If it’s too overwhelming you may not stick with it. You might try creating a single meal that is both delicious and nutritious and sharing it with a friend. Or taking an hour or a day to clean and organize your workspace. Or put up some artwork that inspires you. Keep it small and doable, and don’t attach your self-worth to your ability to keep it up.

If life starts to become stressful, remember that you have done this thing for yourself, and remember to receive it. You are learning to embody a new way of being. It’s okay if it takes time, just keep coming back to the small steps when you need them.


Spirit ? Fire

Key Spirit/Fire Tip for 2020:
Protect and defend what you love so it can grow.

It’s easy to lose motivation when we aren?t inspired about what we are doing or our ability to generate the results we want. Remember what is important to you, and find small things that inspire you so you can take action to defend, protect, and create them.

If you aren?t feeling inspired, take some simple steps to shake things up. Go for a walk. Put on some music and dance. Or maybe get out some art materials and play. Even just walking around the block can clear your head and bring in some fresh energy. Movement, any kind of movement, can open your heart and spirit to new insights and will help create the energy and inspiration that make you feel excited about continuing to move forward.

Whenever you notice yourself not feeling motivated, remember the little things that help you shake things up. Keep a list of things that are fun to do, so you can pull it out when needed. Make yourself get started even if you don’t want to, because after that first step out the door, everything might change. Once you have the inspiration and energy, you will know what you need to do.


Emotion ? Water

Key Emotion/Water Tip for 2020:
Surrender into the divine flow so it can carry you where you are going.

Emotions, including anger, grief, and fear are real and need to move through you. This doesn?t mean you have to be a puddle of vulnerability in the middle of a business meeting, but it does mean you need to make times and places where you can let your defenses go and process your feelings.

When you let your emotions move, they can cleanse you like a wonderful bath, leaving you restored and fresh to be available for inspiration. You might attend to your feelings with alone time, or by sharing with a trusted friend, or by supporting yourself in a choice to be vulnerable at key times.

If you feel self-conscious about having emotional outbursts, forgive yourself and take some time to ground and center, then when the time is right talk to the other person about what happened. The more you notice your emotional process without judgment, the more you will learn your own emotional signals and the best ways to let feelings flow safely. When you surrender in this way, you are also trusting that there is a bigger picture that holds you. It’s like letting yourself relax in the boat while it flows downstream toward your destination.


Remembering these key tips can help you keep moving forward in positive ways. I hope they are helpful to you as you head into this critical year for healing and evolution. May we embody our personal and collective potential and create the greatest good for all beings.