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In Part One, we reviewed how you have not one sign but many signs that make up your life experiences. You may want to review that blog for details about what part of you each planet represents. In Part Two, we?ll now go over the Soul Lessons of the astrological signs. Truly learning all of the Soul Lessons for each sign takes some time, but here is a nutshell version that can help you get started.

Don’t forget you can learn what sign each of your planets is in by ordering your Astrology Heals Natal Report with its basis being on your time and place of birth.

When you were born, you had a sign for every planet in your chart. Moreover, each sign reveals the Soul Lessons you are learning for that planet or that part of you.

The Soul Lessons include a ?lower possibility? that is what you might fall into if you are under stress or falling into old patterns. They also include a ?higher possibility? that is what is possible for that sign when you are doing your healing work and stepping into your full potential.

As with life, the choice is up to you. However, of course, it always helps to have the support of trusted friends, loved ones, or professionals who will help you remember to choose the higher possibilities. Let?s get started.


The lessons for Aries have to do with learning how to take action authentically and in a manner that is helpful rather than harmful. Aries is the sign of the warrior and the fool. It represents the part of us that can be impulsive or do things without thinking.

Lower possibilities for Aries include being

  • Reactive
  • Aggressive
  • Pushy
  • Violent

Aries types may not even know that what they are doing is harmful to others or may blame themselves. They are simply more prone to act on their urges and impulses.

The higher possibilities for Aries include:

  • Courage
  • Proactively deciding to do the right thing
  • Boldly expressing one?s will and life force energy
  • Living life fully
  • Enjoying the present moment.


Taurus is about predictability and stability. Its lessons are about how we engage with the physical world. It represents our relationship with material things and our ability to connect to the earth through our senses.

Lower possibilities for Taurus include being dependent on material things in a way that is more harmful than helpful. For example, accumulating possessions, you don’t need, or clutter that gets in your way can stem from an unhealthy attachment to physical objects.

Higher possibilities include the ability to make and maintain beautiful and useful things. Gardening, cooking, making art, or creating healing formulas all represent a higher expression of the Taurus energy.


The lessons for Gemini are about:

  • Thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Networking
  • Communication.

They have to do with how we approach learning, and the things that interest us or spark our curiosity.

Lower possibilities for Gemini include

  • Being easily distracted by irrelevant information
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Learning challenges
  • Information overload

Gemini types tend to want to follow whatever catches their attention in the moment, without the ability to see the bigger picture.

Higher possibilities for Gemini include:

  • Open-mindedness
  • Deep curiosity
  • Willingness to follow
  • Explore new ideas
  • Creative solutions.

Gemini types may want to embrace their authentic intelligence because they could be brilliant in ways the world doesn?t recognize.


Cancer?s lessons are about caring, nurturing, and meeting the needs of self and others. Cancer is the energy of feelings and emotions. It represents the feelings and needs of the inner (and outer) child, as well as the loving and healing presence of a mother or mother figure.

Lower possibilities for Cancer include:

  • Emotional experiences that feel out of control
  • Overly needy in the emotional realm.

Rather than a failure to be ?tough,? Cancer represents a natural sensitivity that others might see as irrational or inappropriate. Feelings can be overwhelming for Cancer types who do not have a healthy outlet to be who they are.

Higher possibilities for Cancer represent the ability to use that sensitivity in positive ways:

  • To empathize
  • To be a healing presence for others
  • To know, intuitively, what is needed.

When Cancer energy is honored and given the space to move through feelings as needed, it can provide deep nurturing that heals and empowers.


The sign of Leo brings lessons about self-expression and what it means to be seen and heard. It is the energy of shining your light and finding an audience to receive your creative offerings.

Lower possibilities for Leo include being:

  • Overly dramatic
  • Seeking attention in unhealthy ways

Comfortable being in the spotlight does not always mean being conscientious about how you express yourself, and the Leo pitfalls include putting yourself out there for the wrong reasons, or in a way that is detrimental to the greater good.

Higher possibilities for Leo involve:

  • Finding the courage to shine your light authentically
  • Finding the courage to share the gifts that only you possess by expressing them from your heart.

Contributing to the greater good by playing roles that serve and support others allow you to live out loud and contribute to positive outcomes at the same time.


Virgo?s lessons are about humility and service. Virgo is the unglamorous part of the zodiac that deals with day to day routines and the hard work it takes to get things done, and done right.

Lower possibilities include being hypercritical or nitpicky. Excessive criticism of self or others can be unproductive and harmful. Obsessing over details and over-the-top perfectionism lead to stress and possible health challenges.

Higher possibilities for Virgo involve a healthy sense of perfectionism. The ability to notice what is wrong in a detailed level can contribute to creating beautiful and healthy results. Developing technical skills and learning systems by putting in the time required helps the Virgo energy to be all it can be: of service to the greatest good.


The zodiac sign of Libra is about balance and harmony. This relates to inner peace as well as a sense of balance in relationships and partnerships. Libra also deals with issues of justice and peace amongst groups and in the world.

Lower possibilities for Libra include a tendency to compromise too much or sacrifice one?s own needs for the sake of keeping others happy. Keeping the peace can come at a cost, and the pitfalls for Libra include remaining silent to avoid conflict or disruption.

Higher possibilities for Libra involve the development of experience and skills in the area of relationships, including the ability to see other perspectives and generate authentic peace in which all parties (including one?s self) are genuinely happy and have their needs met.


Seen as the scary, mysterious, or power-hungry sign of the zodiac, Scorpio’s are often misunderstood. Perhaps that is because Scorpio has to do with what is happening below the surface. Deeply felt truths, the movement of energy, and powerful transformation are the realm of Scorpio.

Lower possibilities for Scorpio include being:

  • Secretive
  • Manipulative
  • Prone to abusing power.

However, equally possible is the tendency to be overly suspicious, ashamed, or trapped in a victim identity.

Higher possibilities for Scorpio include powerful truth-telling and transformation that results in profound healing. The sacred movement of energy that is happening beneath the surface for the empowered Scorpio is exceptionally creative and can be the source of intimacy, soul connection, and new ways of being.


The sign of Sagittarius relates to themes of teaching, preaching, publishing, travel, and philosophy. What all of those activities have in common is the seeking and dissemination of what is right or true. Sagittarius deals with beliefs and belief systems.

Lower possibilities for Sagittarius involve excessive attachment to being right: cornering the market on truth, being rigid or dogmatic in beliefs, or closed-minded. Traveling or a tendency to flee might be a way to escape from reality or discomfort.

Higher possibilities for Sagittarius include a passion for seeking new information that contributes to a deeper understanding. The empowered Sagittarian will tell positive stories and share meaning and truths that help others be inspired or optimistic. Travel and journeys are a way to explore and discover new possibilities.


Capricorn is about foundations and structures. It relates to themes of the past and also the drive to create a legacy or achieve a status. Capricorn describes our limitations–what holds us back but also what challenges us to grow.

Lower possibilities include authoritarianism and living according to rules and limitations rather than possibility and flexibility. Capricorn energy can remain overly focused on the past, for example pining for the ?good old days.? A heavy burden of responsibility or lack can hold one back.

Higher possibilities include stepping into being grounded and valued for dependability. Focusing on goals and positive achievements and creating structures with integrity that will make a lasting difference provide a sense of meaning and purpose. Empowerment can include developing one?s sense of inner authority and self-trust.


Aquarius energy has to do with visionary ideas, objectivity, and outside-the-box thinking. It brings in new ways of being when new ways are needed, whether we like it or not. It does this through shake-ups and sudden changes as well as insight, innovation, and inspiration.

Lower possibilities include being overly rational or logical, having an unhealthy attachment to a vision or an ideology, or disconnected or emotionally unavailable. Pitfalls include being so far ?out there? that others cannot relate to you, or rebelling only for the sake of rebellion.

Higher possibilities for Aquarius involve tapping into a level of mental creativity that brings in a new solution to old problems. Insight and innovation, as well as healthy objectivity, can bring positive change and revolutionize the status quo to bring in a new vision for the future.


Pisces is the sign of spirituality and connection to a bigger picture. Going beyond every day, it is the part of us that feels the interconnectedness of all, whether that is to lose yourself in substance abuse or transcend through spiritual practices. Intuition and psychic sensitivity are essential.

Lower possibilities for Pisces include picking up on too much energetically (compassion fatigue, ?psychic sponge,? and general overwhelm) or loss of sense of self. Confusion, inability to accomplish goals and loss of direction can contribute to reaching for quick fixes and feel-good solutions from junk food to hard drugs.

Higher possibilities for Pisces include being spiritually connected and feeling a sense of belonging to a bigger picture. Unconditional love, compassionate presence, and an ability to go with the flow bring feelings of peace. Creating art or music can help channel energies that are otherwise emotionally confusing or overwhelming.

As you can see, there are so many aspects to your natal chart. To learn what sign each of your planets is in you can order a personalized Astrology Heals Natal Report.