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From an early age, we learn that we have a zodiac sign assigned to us personally. But very few of us also learn that we actually have several signs, depending on what is revealed by our complete natal chart. And even fewer of us understand that Whole Self Healing can happen within a holistic astrology approach. Let me expand. Most of us have learned some of the characteristics of our ?sign.?

If you grew up the way I did, you may have found it amusing to compare these with your friends. Some fit, some do not. Either way, it is a fun but soon forgotten distraction. Little did I know growing up what a vast and powerful system astrology truly is. When I learned of its wealth of detailed information that helps us understand how we are wired, I immediately saw the implications this could have for holistic healing, or what I call Whole Self Healing: healing at the levels of mind, body, spirit, and emotion.

Whole Self Healing (Holistic Astrology)

holistic astrology

It turns out that the simplistic view we may read of each sign only scratches the surface of what that sign has to reveal to us. For Whole Self Healing, we want to use a Holistic Astrology approach because the signs actually have built into them, a set of Soul Lessons. The reason we have more than one sign is that each of us has multiple planets in our charts. We have a sign for each of these (note that in astrology, the definition of the word planet includes the Sun and Moon, as well as the astronomical planets and Pluto):

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto

We also have signs for other chart points, like the Rising sign, Lunar Nodes, Chiron, asteroids, and much more. That means you actually have a sign, and a particular set of Soul Lessons, for each of those points. Looking at everything with that holistic astrology perspective is vital for Whole Self Healing.

Each planet represents a part of us, and each planet has its own sign. Do you know your signs for the following planets? If not, you can find out by ordering your Natal Report from Astrology Heals. For now, let?s review each planet.

The Sun

The sun is how you shine in the world, where you need to be seen. The Sun is the center of the universe and the center of who we are. Much more than identity, it shows what we need to be sane, whole, and healthy. If we follow the instructions from our natal chart, what we develop is our solar self: the warm, radiant being that genuinely expresses our innate potential. Time spent in a sign: about 1 month

The Moon

The Moon is how it feels to be you and what you need to feel whole. The Moon shows what we need emotionally and how we experience the world. It represents the inner child and the need to feel secure, nurtured, and fulfilled. In our accomplishment-oriented culture, these inner soul needs are essential to our happiness and wholeness. Time spent in a sign: 2-2.5 days


Mercury is how you communicate, think, and process information. Mercury provides insights into the nature of your mind and communication style. But it is much more. Mercury is the archetype of the trickster and shows how our natural cunning and sense of humor is a starting point on the path to a purposeful manifestation of our desires. Time spent in a sign: varies; averages about 1 month


Venus is what you find beautiful and valuable and what you need to feel beautiful and valued. Venus is the planet of romance and sensuality. It represents what we find beautiful and pleasing, what we value, and what we desire. Venus represents the way we receive, and how we experience the world through the senses. Time spent in a sign: varies; averages about 1 month


Mars is how you will be most effective in the process of going for what you want. Much more than the idea of ?aggression,? Mars shows how we most effectively get what we want. It shows drive, motivation, and where we need to act and make conscious choices. Mars is both the archetype of the warrior and the fool. Time spent in a sign: varies; averages about 2 months


Jupiter is where you need to place your faith and trust. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, luck, optimism, and faith. Jupiter shows how our natural enthusiasm and willingness to go beyond everyday territory can bring abundance into our lives and expand what we have to share with others. Time spent in a sign: about one year


Saturn is how to step into your own authority. Saturn shows us our limitations so that we may earn what we desire by confronting them. An honest taskmaster, Saturn honors our true purpose by reminding us what we are here to do and bringing us back to the focus of authenticity and inner authority. Time spent in a sign: about 2.5 years


Uranus is how you need to be true to yourself so you can innovate. Uranus is the planet of rebellion and revolution. It is where we naturally reject the status quo and receive the inspiration of genuine innovation and creativity. Uranus shows where our freedom and individuality serves a new vision for humanity. Time spent in a sign: about 7 years


Neptune is where you need to surrender and feel a connection to a bigger picture. Neptune shows us the path to the divine. Each of us is a drop in the ocean of consciousness, and Neptune helps us to access this divine wisdom. Neptune shows a transcendent purpose that goes beyond structure, ego, and ordinary reality. Time spent in a sign: varies; average of about 14 years


Pluto is how to be in alignment with your deepest place of empowerment, passion, and truth. Pluto is a gateway to dimensions beyond our ordinary understanding. It shatters the reality we know to make space for what we have not yet become. Pluto represents our dark secrets and true desires. By bringing the shadow to light, we unleash our most powerful selves. Time spent in a sign: varies; average of about 20 years

12 Zodiac Signs

holistic astrology

Each planet is in one of the 12 zodiac signs at any given time. Because each planet represents a part of ourselves, the sign each planet is in when we are born determines the particular way that part of us will be expressed. In Part Two we will review the Soul Lessons for each astrological sign, helping you understand what lessons you are learning in each area of life. If you don’t know what sign each of your planets is in, you can order a copy of your beautiful Astrology Heals Natal Report, that will describe what soul lessons you are learning in each area of life based on your time and place of birth.