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We live in evolutionary times. I?ve said it before, but it was in our faces, splashed across the news this past weekend when children, teens, teachers, and families and friends of all colors and backgrounds took to the streets of my birthplace?Washington D.C., and other cities around the country in the March for Our Lives protest.

Marchers were united in their response to the violent tragedies that have directly and indirectly impacted every U.S. citizen who has family members or friends who attend school, go to church, attend concerts, walk outside, or stay inside. There was also a sense of empowerment: a fresh new energy of youth who are not prepared to tolerate this unconscionable reality.

I’m proud of the youth for speaking up. We have a lot to learn from them. They need us and we need them. In fact, kids who were born around the beginning of the millennium are imprinted with the astrology of change. They have both Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, the sign of rebellion, innovation, breaking free, and?you guessed it?the sign of the New Age itself.

Those who were born in 1999-2002, and parts of 1998 and 2003, all have these two slow-moving outer planets in Aquarius. Those who were born in late 1998 through early 2000 also have their South Lunar Node in Aquarius, indicating that they have been revolutionaries since before this life. So yes, they were born for this.

Much has been said and will continue to be said about these kids, their movement, and our collective future. But what I actually want to talk about here is something else.

The Astrology of Change

I want to talk about change, and the process of change. I want to talk about those of us who are older, who have been around for the decades leading up to the shocking developments in government, politics, and the news in recent months and years. I want to talk about how we have envisioned the future possibilities that are our collective reality today, and how we are now living the future we envisioned, and yet it looks nothing like we expected it to look like.

There is much that could be said about astrological cycles, like the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the 1960s that planted the seeds of change?of peace, love, and equality?that would need much tending to come to fruition.

And the first Uranus-Pluto ninety-degree square of the 2010s that brings the need to take the wheel and steer?to encounter the first major set of trials on the hero?s journey?to create the future the flower children envisioned.

About the transition to the Age of Aquarius itself, when the locus of authority will shift from the notion that the archetypal Ruler King is imbued with God-like powers and those who challenge that authority will be punished or exiled, to an individual authority in which authentic self-expression is the source of innovations necessary to ensure survival.

Or that we are alive at the very time of the transition of the equinoxes back toward the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, marking the shift from 13,000 years of patriarchy to the next 13,000 years that will encapsulate a return to source energy, aka the Divine Feminine.

But that?s not what I?ll dive into today. No, what I want to talk about is the role of our choices as individuals in creating the future we envision.

Experiments in Reality

My own life has been an experiment. Since the first time I was introduced to astrology and the idea that we create the reality we experience (and no, that doesn?t mean it’s your fault) I have been playing with that idea.

It was a revelation for me the first time I realized I didn?t have to explain or justify to anyone what I believed in. In fact, I didn?t even need to believe it.

Because life is here so we can try things and figure out how they work, and because all scientists have to make certain assumptions when they test their theories, I decided to start assuming that I could create my own reality. I embraced the idea, just for fun, that if I showed up for myself and held positive feelings and attitudes on purpose, if I imagined and felt in my body the qualities I wanted to experience, something wonderful would happen.

What happened? Well, things in my life started working out better. I couldn?t prove it wasn’t a coincidence. It’s quite possible things could have gone that way if I had chosen different feelings and attitudes.

But I began manifesting what I wanted. When I manifested the results I wanted, they almost never looked like I thought they would look when I imagined them. So there was always an element of surprise and I never felt I was actually in control. It felt more like I was in a relationship with my experience. If I chose this perspective, the universe would respond in this way. If I chose that perspective, the universe would respond in another way.

This went on for years and years. I used this process to manifest relationships, publish a book, raise amazing children, and much more.

Around the beginning of 2016, I started to generate some profound shifts in my relationships with men in my life. I started to see that I could manifest breakthroughs in very old emotional patterns that kept me feeling powerless. It happened in several different relationships at the same time. The kinds of breakthroughs I was having were subtle but profound; they were nothing I could have predicted but it was like having a very old weight lifted and it felt amazing.

And then the election happened in November 2016 and after I got over the initial nausea of realizing the world was indeed going to change, but not for the better, I looked deeper. I soon began to realize that I was now going to have to manifest not just a better relationship with men in my life, but a better relationship with patriarchy itself.

Wow, I thought. That escalated quickly.

We are currently in the midst of some of those darkest moments of the United States? of polarization and pain with complete incompetence and corruption in our archetypal Ruler King. And we may have more yet to come. I do not know.

But what I do know is that this experience has been teaching me to get clear about what I am afraid of, what I want, and who I am here to be.

My experiences of manifestation at lower skill levels taught me that when things look the darkest, that is when you have to visualize and affirm and choose. You have to feel the grief and fear, but let those feelings move and carry you to a place where you can feel your heart and come back to the bigness of the love that is hanging out nearby, waiting for you to allow it to envelop you.

At this escalated, higher skill level, I have to remember the same things. Sometimes I don’t see how the planet can survive humanity. Sometimes I don’t see how humans can keep from destroying ourselves. Sometimes I am afraid that a very dark future awaits us.

Being the Change

What I know from my lifetime of experimenting is that those dark places are precisely where we need to go to discover who we are. If I can remember that I am love in those times, I can tap into a bigger, deeper feeling where everything, absolutely everything, is okay. And if I can’t feel okay, at least I can be willing to feel okay. To feel peaceful. Somehow. In a way I don’t yet understand.

What if what is happening now to our democracy in the U.S. is the hard pressure we need to force growth and change? What if it needs to be so dangerous, and so sustained, that each of us has to find our own authentic truth because we are the source of innovations necessary to ensure survival.

For those of us who have been doing this work for decades, confronting the truth that we may lose everything is and was where we needed to be to remember who we are. Who knew it would look like this? And yet, this is what it looks like.

And now, an unexpected glimmer of hope springs from the future itself. The turning of the tides on gun control may just be a whisper from the universe of the truth of what is to come?a hint that we are on the right track. The future will not be what we expect, but it might just respond to our intentions, choices, and attitudes.

Without knowing what will happen, we have no choice but to keep doing the work of healing, connecting to love, and remembering who we truly are.

Let us assume we are creating the peaceful, loving, healing future we envision. We do not have to explain or justify what we are doing. We don’t even have to believe it. We just have to show up, over and over again, willing to learn what it will take to become who the future calls us to be.

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