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The intangible is made tangible through you.

The ?Great American Eclipse? of August 21, 2017 may be getting a lot of ink, but it is merely part of the ongoing evolution of energy dynamics that are continually described by astrology.

Nothing will happen that isn?t already in motion now and doesn?t have a continued unfolding after the moments of the eclipse.

So keep that perspective in mind during this time that is getting some major hype. Every moment of now in the process?before, during, and after an eclipse or any other significant celestial moment?is a choice point. Every moment is always an opportunity to take a deep breath and return to the center where infinite possibility is available.

Because every moment in astrology is significant. Every moment represents a new development in an ongoing process. Every moment represents a unique combination of energies and a unique opportunity to shift into an even greater good.

Having said that, eclipses are moments of evolutionary shift, when we have access to new insight, information, and experiences. Something changes the direction of our course and introduces new factors. The more grounded we are in what we want, what is most important, the more we are actively choosing to bring in the new directions that serve the evolutionary outcomes we want.

In other words, the more of a positive perspective you choose to have, the more you invite positive change.

The August 21 eclipse is a special alignment of the New Moon at 28 degrees Leo within 5 degrees of the Leo North Lunar Node that causes the Moon to pass precisely between the Sun and Earth.

Leo is about being seen and noticed. It is about being a star in your own way. Creativity, self-expression, showing off, and sharing your gifts are all featured with Leo energy.

The August 21 eclipse is the second Leo New Moon in a row. There was also a New Moon in early Leo on July 23, 2017. And with Mars in Leo, Leo energy is strongly highlighted this summer in general.

There has been much fascinating speculation amongst professional astrologers about how this eclipse will impact the United States and its current president. These articles are interesting, but what I find even more powerful is what this eclipse means for you. How you can make conscious choices that help to shape the reality you want, regardless of what dramas may or may not be surrounding the U.S. government and president.

So for you, Leo is about how you share your gifts with the world to make a conscious and positive difference, regardless of what else may be happening.

Because as you may have noticed, sitting around watching the news and waiting to see if everything is going to ?turn out okay? is a waste of your precious days.

You have a life to live. And this eclipse is a potent time that will help you connect with who you are at your essence, what you have to share and offer through creative self-expression, and how to reveal your gifts in ways that make a lasting positive impact.

The Sabian symbol for this Leo eclipse reveals some deeper energetic truths: ?A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.?[1]

Something still-intangible is emerging from the depths and trying to find its path to manifestation through you. To fulfill this mission, you need to be available for the not-yet-fully-manifested thought-feelings that may emerge through dreams, meditation, or new awareness.

You must pay attention to what is speaking to you, and available to receive it with an open heart. You do not need to know how you are to give birth to it. Your job is to be paying attention so you are awake when the waves appear that will guide you to shore.

The waves will appear. And there?s a good chance some will appear around this eclipse. But you can’t know ahead of time what form they will take, so that?s why you need to be open.

Through you the future is emerging. Let yourself be open and available around this ?Great American Eclipse,? and be the Great American (or Human) you are called to be.

You are shepherding in a new era of human awakening. But it can only happen through your willingness to awaken to who you truly are.

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[1] Dane Rudhyar, An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and its 360 Symbolic Phases (New York: Vintage Books, 1974), 149.