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Read this full post for context and three easy actions you can do that will help establish free and fair elections in the United States, a shift in our political structure that would definitively change the course of the future.

Astrology tells us we are living in a time of breakdown and breakthrough?of a time of total remake of our systems, structures, and institutions. Astrological energies of this decade represent an evolution of the movements of the 1960s. Specifically, it is a time for us to take the wheel to steer the collective in the direction of living what most of us truly value?ideals of justice, love, peace, environmental sustainability, and dignity and equality for all human beings.

Evolutionary astrology does not predict the future. It describes energetic probabilities that invite human response. Within every astrological configuration lies a choice: will you respond by stepping into your evolutionary potential, or will you shrink from this invitation to grow and evolve, clinging to the comforts of what you already know?

In this post, I would like to offer some perspective on what may be happening, and how we can choose, together, to step into what we are invited to become. Three easy actions are suggested at the end that can change the course of the future. Enjoy!

1. The Problem Stated ? with Tongue in Cheek

Make Driving Great Again

In a move hailed by supporters as ?the best thing for the country since our great leader took the so-called oath of office,? the Mumps Administration announced earlier today that they would relieve its citizens of the oppressive nuisance of traffic control signals.

?No one likes them? said Mumps? chief adviser, citing no evidence whatsoever. ?They cause far too much slowing and stopping in a world where people just want to live their lives.?

Supporters cheered as the unsightly tri-colored leftist attempts to deny freedom were gleefully torn down from intersections across the country. A decision on where to put all the old signals has been delayed.

Opponents criticized the move, emphasizing the normalization of politeness and respect that the devices provide. ?Accountability to our citizens is a hallmark of American Democracy. Traffic signals make the world a safer place,? argued protesters.

Critics also expressed concern that the action would lead to greater intolerance, with faster, more aggressive drivers now able to get where they want to go and slower, more cautious drivers at a disadvantage.

But since opponents are now in the minority party, freedom will prevail, and drivers must sort themselves out. ?It’s better for everyone in the long run. I?ve seen drivers. I know lots of drivers. They like it this way.? was the official statement from the so-called commander in chief, who cited no evidence whatsoever?

Okay, so I don’t need to tell you the problem. You know the problem. But that was fun to write.

But seriously, Cenk Uygur does a much better job of explaining how we got here than I can do justice to. Go to the three easy actions at the end to watch the video. You will be glad you did.

2. Three Key Martial Arts Insights from a 16-Year Old Girl That Frame the Solution

If ever there were a time to evolve it would be now, and it’s important for all of us to get beyond our perceived limitations and step into authentic, inspired action.

So what do you imagine? What do you envision for the future? How are you remembering what is important, so you can stay positive and not get sucked into the drama around you?

How are you remaining focused on creating the future that hasn?t yet come into manifestation? (Remember the future? That?s the part of time that hasn?t happened yet and you can still change.)

Why is it so important to stay focused on this future vision? Here is a powerful answer that reminds us of the importance of mindset in all we do.

I am blessed to be the mother of a beautiful, deep thinking, visionary, and profoundly creative daughter who has earned medals at the national level in the martial art of Taekwondo.

Last year, at the age of 16, she broke a stack of 6 one-inch solid pine boards with her bare hand, and then turned around and broke 6 more with her bare foot.

She is not a brute, so for her this would be impossible. Except for three things:

1. She commits to doing the impossible.

2. She figures out what it will take, and does it.

3. Embracing the paradox that failure is a necessary part of success, she focuses, and channels all her energy into achieving what she wants.

What she taught me is that to break the boards, you don’t focus on hitting the boards. You have to focus on hitting the point that is on the other side of the boards, so the boards smash like butter. (Do not try at home!)

Well, I think that is a great metaphor for our times.

Let?s not be limited by merely struggling to maintain what we might lose, smashing ourselves against what challenges us (aiming AT the board), let?s USE this opportunity to leverage real change.

Keep setting your intentions and visioning the future. Find what you are passionate about and act on it. Imagine what you want, and figure out what it will take to blast through the obstacles by aiming for the future.

Maybe, just maybe, as things break down, it is an opportunity to create what we really want. What is that for you? It’s time to go for it.

3. Three Easy Actions You Can Do Now that will Change the Course of the Future

If you are fired up and know what you need to do next, great! We all need to stand up. Protest, make noise, call your representatives, write letters, boycott and divest, volunteer for and donate to causes you want to support. We also need you to live your inspired life, take care of yourself, show up for your family and community, and advocate for what is most important to you.

But if you are a U.S. citizen and you are concerned about the influence of corporate money on our political system, here are some suggestions that I am personally excited about. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks is the genius behind these initiatives, and he has already grown an alternative media option that is now larger than the networks. This is someone who knows how to get things done!

If you are not a U.S. citizen skip right to Easy Action #3 for an inspiring video. Share it with your American friends.

Here are three things you can do to support free and fair elections right now. If these actions speak to you, they are quick and easy to do, and there are opportunities to get more involved if you feel called.

Easy Action #1: Sign the petition below in support of what may well change the course of the future. I just signed up as a Wolf-PAC volunteer. I invite you to consider joining me in supporting a bold, proactive, and achievable movement to change the constitution of the United States to permanently remove corporate influence (aka money) from our political process.

From the Wolf-PAC website (formatting mine):

?We absolutely have the power to change our country for the better and? it is still possible to have a government of, by, and for the people of the United States? We have a plan that will work if [you] are willing to do any of these vital things for us; volunteer, meet and talk with your local State Legislators about this issue, spread the word via telling others, posting our link through email or social media, donating, or becoming a Wolf-PAC Member.?

And they do have a plan. And it is working! There are already five states who have said yes to this path to a constitutional amendment that will take corporate money out of our elections. If 34 states say yes, there is a convention and a solution (amendment) will be proposed. If 38 states vote to ratify the amendment, it becomes part of the constitution.

We don’t have to wait for Congress to get its act together. In Article V of the U.S. Constitution, the states can pass an amendment to the constitution. Over 90% of Americans (Democrats AND Republicans) want this change. There are already volunteers in every state of the nation right now talking to state legislators to help them see how important an issue this is, and why WE the PEOPLE want this to happen!

Click here to sign the petition now, and learn more about this exciting movement!

Easy Action #2: Support the Justice Democrats. This is a brand new wing of the Democratic party whose candidates do not take corporate money (and therefore feel free to be a true representative of their constituents). They are currently taking nominations of anyone you would like to see in office. They need people power, so even just signing up on their mailing list supports this movement, and affirms this is what WE the PEOPLE want.

Click here to sign up for the Justice Democrats email list and show them your support. (This does not change your party affiliation or commit you to anything.)

Easy Action #3: If you aren?t convinced yet, or even if you are, MAKE TIME to watch this 45-minute video that will change your life, and your feelings about the state of the world. We literally have the future in our hands, and it takes all of us to stand up to the very real threats to our constitution and our way of life.

Click here to watch the video with Cenk Uygur speaking at Sister Giant 2017.

Thank you for making it all the way to the end of this post with me. Whatever contribution you are called to make, let?s get to work. I am excited to make history with you!

Thanks for reading! Click here to listen to a conference call for U.S. citizens where I tell you how I became a volunteer and what you can do. Because this initiative involves going through the states and not the federal government, you don’t have to convince your U.S. congresspersons, but instead can call or write letters to your state representative.