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What can you do to support consciousness in a post-election world?

Well it turns out, quite a lot. Astrology has been predicting breakdown and transformation. This is and can be a time of incredible breakthrough, but it is one that absolutely requires the transformation of consciousness.

What does that mean? It means you are the solution.

It means that it is up to you to bring more love into the world. When you do, you stand for and align with long-term changes. Without you, there will be more breakdown than breakthrough. But when you find the courage to stand up for things like kindness, compassion, and love, you help shepherd the world through this challenging time.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this is that you are being asked to love yourself more fully.

It’s difficult not because it sounds bad. More love sounds great. It’s difficult because of your conditioning and your internalized judgments, criticisms, and ?isms? of all sorts. We all have them. It takes courage to heal.

Part of the evolutionary change that is taking place is that we are being asked to stop relying on someone else to protect us and make things okay. We must do this for ourselves. We must do this for our family members, our neighbors, our coworkers, and strangers in need.

You as an individual can’t fix everything. Nor are you being asked to.

But each of us has a little corner of the world where we live. And we underestimate what a difference we can make in that little sphere, and how much all of those little spheres can add up to lasting change.

Standing up to things like hate, ignorance, and bullying is easier when you are fully grounded in love and remember that you are not alone. That?s why I am offering some tips below that you may find helpful to keep you grounded in your power and able to stand strong in what is important to you.

I humbly offer these guidelines in case they are helpful to you during times of stress and uncertainty. Please adapt and modify as you see fit.

What you can do:

1. Start with personal grounding and centering. In your own way, use prayer, meditation, yoga, quiet time, or whatever helps you return to feeling safe and centered. This will help you recharge your batteries so you are available to receive energy and inspiration and take action from that place.

2. Show up for yourself. Choose positive intentions and remind yourself of them. Be grateful for what you have. Forgive yourself when you can’t always be positive. Support yourself in getting your needs met. You don’t have to be perfect in this, but baby steps make a real difference.

3. Have good boundaries. Avoid compensating by overgiving, guilt, and acting out of fear. Take a break when it becomes to much. Whenever possible, do not surround yourself with people and energies that are not nourishing to you unless you are in a good space to deal with them.

4. Act from love rather than fear. Listen with patience and kindness. When responding or stating your truth to someone who disagrees with you, do so without inflammatory and emotional reactions. Make simple statements of truth and fact. State what you believe and why without being attached to anyone understanding or agreeing with you.

5. Live your passion. Give what you have to offer from a place of passion and inspiration. This is the greatest contribution you can make. Get support for living your truth. Offer your support to others who are living their truth. Be brave in offering your gifts. After all, that?s why you have them.

6. Show up for your family. Show up more fully as yourself, trusting you are safe when you do because you know how to return to a place of being grounded and centered when necessary. This includes creating space for others to show up as themselves, and forgiving them when you need to.

7. Show up for your community. Be available to offer love and support to others from a place of being grounded, centered, and giving in a way that feels good.

8. Be prepared to respond. If you do encounter bullying or hateful behaviors or language, remain calm and consider safety first. Get yourself safe. Get help and support. Report it to authorities if you can. Support victims and let them know you believe them. Help them get the help they need.

9. Engage in political and community actions that feel good to you. Donate, volunteer your time, and form or join groups to support the causes that are close to your heart. Someone suggested to me ? and it makes sense to me ? that giving small amounts to a few different organizations (rather than giving your whole donation to a single organization) may be a good way to spread out your support and give more organizations larger lists of financial supporters. Some optional suggested actions are included below.

10. Have fun! The journey is sometimes bumpy. But it can also have moments of pure joy. Thank you for being you.


When you are ready, and if and when they feel right to you, here are some resources that may help you get started in your quest.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT meant to be a balanced or comprehensive list and is offered humbly from my own experiences and opinions. I am not claiming to be an expert in any of these areas and welcome your thoughtful comments. Perhaps this will begin a discussion that will provide value. It is intended to be supportive and if I have inadvertently demonstrated my own inevitable ignorance simply point it out and I will gladly look into it. Please feel free to share other resources you may know about in the comments.

Actions and Resources:

1. If you are a U.S. citizen, call and email your representatives and tell them what you think. You can click here to search your representatives by your zip code.

2. Arm yourself with knowledge. Read (or at least skim) the constitution and the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Humans having rights is not a new invention!

U.S. Constitution

UN Declaration of Human Rights

Letter to Electors describing threats to constitution

Full Page New York Times Ad Taken Out by the ACLU

3. Join the #lovearmy. Van Jones is organizing a Love Army in the aftermath of the election. I am hoping this will be a broad platform to come together, educate communities, and stand for important principles post-election. The link posted is my ?recruiter? link. It does not give me any money, it just tracks that you were referred by me.

4. Many organizations have petitions you can sign online. Do your research before giving away your contact info and donating money. If you follow a link to a petition, you should be able to google the name of the organization to learn more about it. Start discussions with your friends and community about where to put your energy and resources.

Use search terms to find a cause you care about, but again, know who you are giving your money to. Examples of petition sites are:




5. Organizations I trust. While this is not intended to be a balanced or comprehensive list, these are some organizations I personally trust. Please see the disclaimer above.

American Civil Liberties Union

Wall of Us

Southern Poverty Law Center

Black Lives Matter


Planned Parenthood

Sierra Club

Nature Conservancy

Natural Resources Defense Council

Kids? lawsuit against the federal government over climate change

Marina Ormes is an evolutionary astrologer with a background of over 20 years in astrology and holistic healing. She is the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos, a paradigm-shifting introduction to how astrology heals.

Marina is the Director of the Oregon Holistic Nurses Association and the founder of Astrology Heals, an international holistic practice that helps thousands of healers and visionaries step into whole-self wellness with meaning, purpose, and authentic contribution.

Copyright ? Marina Ormes 2016 | All Rights Reserved

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