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?Simple things like knowing your clients? dates of birth can give you clues about how they experience the world and how their souls are evolving and learning.?

In an earlier post, I shared with you how astrology is one of the best-kept secrets of the past 100 years. Of course knowledge of astrology goes way, way back but in the times of electric lights and ?human progress? we have dismissed it as superstitious nonsense.

And yet, the truth is that correlations between the movement of the planets and our human experiences are not limited to obvious observations like day and night. The symbolism of the planets describe current and historical events, as well as life-long themes we experience as individuals. There is synchronicity between what we experience and what the planets know and reveal to us.

As I mentioned in that previous post, astrology is complicated. It can feel daunting to begin to wrap your mind around the various symbols and how they interact. Professional astrologers have been at their craft for many years before they can deeply interpret the energies and translate these life-changing, conscious-opening messages.

But that doesn?t mean that astrology isn?t approachable. In fact, the study of astrology begins with a simple sense of wonder and curiosity.

If you have ever paid attention to the phases of the Moon, you are already an astrologer. You know that there are predictable rhythms and cycles that are connected to how you feel and experience the world. You can expand this beginning awareness by following a simple Moon calendar like the one we offer at Astrology Heals, and voil?! You are already ahead of the game because you know how you and people around you are feeling and what you and they need on an emotional level.

If you are a holistic healer, therapist, or coach, you work every day with clients and their needs to feel whole and experience physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual healing. Simple things like knowing your clients? dates of birth can give you clues about how they experience the world and how their souls are evolving and learning. This awareness and clarity can help you serve them more effectively.

And the cool thing is that you don’t have to be an ?astrologer? to use this information as a tool for understanding and supporting the people you know and work with.

I recently wrote a book about how astrology goes hand in hand with the human process of healing, transformation, and evolution. Check it out here.

If you decide to purchase the book, I will send you a bonus recorded workshop that will go into greater depth about how you can support yourself, your friends, and your clients based upon their date of birth.

Astrology belongs to you, and you can begin expanding your awareness of this consciousness-enhancing, paradigm-shifting tool today. Please contact us at info@astrologyheals.com if there is anything we can do to help.

Thanks for reading, and for all you do to heal yourself and the planet!

Marina Ormes is a board-certified holistic nurse and an evolutionary astrologer. She is the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos.