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Emotions have been high with last night?s intense Cancer New Moon.

In particular, issues of caring and needs have been highlighted. How do you get your needs met? How do you suffer when your needs are not met?

And? what is the REAL cause of your suffering?

The energies of this New Moon are asking us to evolve. They invite us to step into a new paradigm of caring, and to know what caring actually means.

It is easy enough to blame others for your situation, for feeling trapped, for feeling victimized. A spouse, a boss, a coworker, the government? Or to blame the situation itself, as in ?I can’t have XYZ because?? or ?I will be able to XYZ as soon as things change.?

And the real invitation of this powerful Cancer New Moon energy is to look within. Not because you are to blame, but because you are the most powerful being within your reality.

There is a strong temptation during this Cancer New Moon to want to leave, control, stop, or silence the forces that interfere with your ability to get your needs met. But there is something stronger welling up inside you, and it is your ability to choose, on purpose, what to align with.

And there is nothing wrong with acting in your best interest. But taking action right now will be most effective when it follows from self-love. Loving, accepting, and trusting yourself is actually the more challenging lesson. And I’m guessing you have reached a point in your life in which you are ready to learn that lesson.

Even if you are truly trapped in a situation over which you have no control: e.g. you can’t leave, you can’t change it, and you can’t get your needs met?you have the ability to flood yourself with love. No one is stopping you from loving yourself.

Start where you are. And start by affirming and stating to yourself that you are choosing the experience you want? by allowing it to grow inside you. Choose positive feelings on purpose?not to deny the reality of your experience, but to affirm to the universe that you are willing to align with positive outcomes and to claim your right to have your needs met.

Ask yourself what those needs are. Connect in your memory with a time those needs were met. Connect with the desire inside yourself to feel that way. Feel the grief for the losses you have had and the sacrifices you have made along the way.

You are inherently worthy of caring, so choose to care for yourself. Ask yourself what it would take to trust yourself. Ask yourself who you would be if nothing was stopping you. Then give yourself permission to be that person.

My wish for you is that you know how sacred and impactful you truly are.

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Marina Ormes is a board-certified holistic nurse and an evolutionary astrologer. She is the author of Cycles of Healing: Personal Transformation in Relationship to a Living Cosmos.