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?We are no longer waiting for a new paradigm. We have moved into it.?

We are now three years into the Pluto-Uranus square. We have been through 5 of a total of 7 exact squares. Where are we now? What does it mean? Where are we heading?

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We have been going through an intense time of shift and transition, both internally and in the world around us. The pressure is on to evolve to a higher state of consciousness to match the level of the problems we face.

From my perspective as an evolutionary astrologer, these times of pressure, breakdown, confusion and turmoil represent the universe?s invitation to us to become something new. Across the board our old structures, systems, institutions, and ways of being are no longer strong enough containers to hold the magnitude of what we are becoming. They must change and adapt, or die, to clear the way for something new to emerge.

The message of the cosmic energies tells us that it is up to each one of us to show up authentically and hold space for the higher values of love, compassion, respect, creativity, and collaboration by boldly living our life?s purpose. Through aligning ourselves with a higher purpose and a higher vision, we will come together to create a more meaningful and ultimately more sustainable world.

So, we have been learning to tell a new story, learning to trust ourselves, and learning to take action that brings lasting change. We have had to let go, to surrender, and to accept what is. We have had to discover and step more fully into what we are capable of. We have been through periods of rapidly accelerated healing and evolution. And there is more of this work yet to be done.

In April of 2014, Jupiter and Mars completed the last two corners of a grand cross ? a giant square in the sky which the Pluto-Uranus relationship forms one side of (the giant square).

Before I tell you what it ?means,? indulge me for a moment and allow your mind of wonder and awe to feel what is actually happening. Imagine that as you stand on Earth, the planet Pluto is directly above your head. Pluto will rotate all the way around the Earth every 24 hours. Of course it is actually the Earth turning, but like all the planets, we ?see? Pluto rise and set each day.

So, imagine that it is the time of day when Pluto is directly over your head (the actual time of day will vary according to where you are and what time of year it is). Now, what is true, and has been true since 2012, is that during that same exact time of day, Uranus is rising over the Eastern horizon. If you point to Pluto with your right hand and Uranus with your left, your arms will be at right angles to each other.

That will continue to be true through 2015 and then Pluto and Uranus will gradually move away from this alignment with each other. What has been happening since the summer of 2013 is that Jupiter came in to form the third corner of the full square. So when Pluto is directly overhead, Uranus is rising in the East, and Jupiter is opposite Pluto, below our feet in the sky above on the opposite side of the Earth.

As Jupiter moves back and forth across that exact point, Mars also began to move back and forth across a fourth point ? the western horizon. In April, all four were in the exact corners that form a grand cross ? one above, one below, one to the left, one to the right.

If you are like me, just sitting with an awareness of this configuration inspires wonder. What it means for us in our everyday lives is that an anchor is created which brings spirit into matter. It is a time of download, an invitation to the divine ball (as in, you are Cinderella and you are about to become something much greater). It is the tremendous discomfort of realizing that who you have been, and how you have been getting by, will not work any longer. It is time to step into a bigger, more expansive version of who you are.

Following the grand cross in April, we begin to slowly awaken to where we have come. We are no longer waiting for a new paradigm. We have moved into it.

How we respond to this complete transformation is up to each of us to choose, but expanded possibilities are more available than they have ever been. When we find ourselves gravitating toward fear, we can more easily become aware that fear is not all there is. When we find ourselves replaying old life and relationship patterns, we can gently bring ourselves back to an awareness that other experiences are available. When we find ourselves wanting to control situations that cannot be controlled, we can remember that letting go has its own intelligence.

When we remember to breathe, to come to center, and to ask for spiritual guidance, the support and acceptance we crave will begin to come more quickly and easily. We can begin to see all life challenges as great teachers and opportunities to become more courageous, empowered, life-affirming, and aligned with a bigger purpose.

What?s the down side? We have to choose to see the world, and ourselves, this way. We are not rescued, nothing is ?fixed,? and each of us is asked to step up to all we can be. Nothing but our own determination, ingenuity, courage, and willingness to show up will change the direction in which we are heading.

The experiment of being human is teaching us how to hold higher vibrations of consciousness. We are in a pivotal time that pushes us to step into our full potential.

Right now, we are passing through the keyhole.

Marina Ormes is a board certified holistic nurse and an evolutionary astrologer with a 20 year background in holistic healing and astrology. Click here to receive your free Moon Planning Calendar and much more at no cost.

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