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In recent weeks and months, we have been learning more about who we are and how we are wired. We have been asked to look at and tell the truth about love, money, self-worth, and what we value. We have been faced with the absolute necessity of taking care of ourselves ? what is not negotiable about what we need and how we must prioritize it.

And this Valentine?s Day Leo Full Moon continues to ask us to get clear about who we are, what is true for us, and what we need in relationship. Specifically ? it invites us to consider how we express ourselves and how we communicate our truth.

Each of us wants to be heard, felt, and seen. We want to be recognized for who we truly are. We deeply crave it, and it is also a scary prospect. After all, if no one sees our true selves, they cannot judge us, confirm that we are unworthy, or dismiss our value.

The antidote to this often unconscious fear that stops us in our tracks is very simple and yet one of the hardest things we will ever do. As individuals, we must decide that we are worthy.

We must feel ? and stand in ? our own value. It is the deep inner knowing that you are here on Earth for a reason, that the truth you feel inside has a purpose. The more you trust yourself, the more the world around you will begin to see that you have a valuable contribution to make. The more the world around you will treat you accordingly with financial security, healthier relationships, recognition for your accomplishments, and other rewards.

Two t-squares during this Leo Full Moon (actually four if you count Sun/Mercury and Pluto/Venus separately) ask us to ?get? this lesson. Every single planet in the chart is telling us this message. See below for details.

So what is the trick? During this Valentine?s Day ? find a way to fall in love with yourself. To see your own gifts and your own beauty. If you don’t feel beautiful, find one thing you like about yourself and start there.

If you can’t find even one thing, at least have the discipline to not say anything negative about yourself. If you can’t say something nice about yourself, don’t say anything at all. From the place of letting go of negative self-talk, positive self-evaluation can begin to emerge.

Messages from the planets during the Valentine?s Day Leo Full Moon:

T-square ? a relationship between 3 or more planets that brings pressure to transform

Pluto in Capricorn (t-square with Uranus and Jupiter) ? telling the truth about old systems and structures that are no longer working; underlying foundations and ways of being need to change

Neptune in Pisces ? asking us to connect with the divine in new ways; to see ourselves as part of a bigger bigger picture of unconditional love and acceptance

Uranus in Aries (t-square with Pluto/Venus and Jupiter) ? the necessity to discover the self, to act authentically, to be a pioneer

Saturn in Scorpio (t-square with Sun/Mercury and Moon) ? creating new foundations that are based in deeper truths; creativity emerging through new forms

Jupiter in Cancer (t-square with Pluto/Venus and Uranus) ? expansion in caring and compassion; the mandate to prioritize self-care and needs (physical, emotional, etc.)

Mars in Libra ? the need to act and make decisions to bring greater balance, peace, harmony; the need to stand up for the self as a way to bring balance into relationship

Venus in Capricorn (t-square with Uranus and Jupiter) ? new foundations of love, value, and self-worth; the ability to receive love, affection and money increase through structure and loving self-discipline

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius (t-square with Saturn and Moon) ? reflection and reevaluation of how we think and communicate; higher thoughts and ideals coming through

Sun in Aquarius (t-square with Saturn and Moon) ? discovering the authentic self; going beyond the constraints of current beliefs and paradigms

Moon in Leo (t-square with Saturn and Sun) ? discovering self-expression; finding one?s voice; being seen, felt, and heard

Marina Ormes is a board certified holistic nurse and an evolutionary astrologer. Click here to access her free audio classes, guided meditations, and more.