Directed by My Spirits – how the ancestors of Zimbabwe remind us we are all kings

I wanted to share a very personal story about the evolution of my business, synchronicity, and the wisdom of the ancestors. 15 years ago I had my first child. A Pisces boy (four planets and South Node in Pisces), he came into the world KNOWING things. To make a long story short, at age 7, he saw a marimba band play Zimbabwean music and quickly learned to play ancestral music from a far away land.

This is how I was introduced to the music of Zimbabwe. Over the years I have carried huge marimbas hundreds of times in and out of vehicles for my son’s gigs, and I have met some amazing people. One of them is traditional Zimbabwean musician Musekiwa Chingodza. He and others have taught me that in his country they do not watch music on a stage the way we do here. When one plays music, everyone plays. Each person plays, sings, dances, claps, or drums to participate. All generations help to create the energy and communicate with the ancestors. This is how young people learn and remember ancient ways.

At the beginning of 2012, I began offering guided meditations to help with a creative or healing process, called Manifesting with Moon Cycles. As with many things in my life, I experience these meditations coming through me from other realms. When I record them, I bring my knowledge of astrology together with channeled energies. I always wanted some music to go with them, and set my intention to find the perfect match of music for these powerful messages to my listeners.

Last summer, while staying at a friend’s house in the mountains of central California, I drifted to sleep listening to the coyotes running by at night, and I had a dream. In my dream I was in a foreign land in a jungle or forest. Some people were carrying an empty chair. I asked who the chair was for, and they replied that it was for the king. I asked where the king was, and they looked at me and said “it is you.”

Some weeks later, I decided to ask Musekiwa for his permission to use his music to go with my guided meditations. I chose the song Nhemamusasa because it is a very old traditional song, and an important ritual of communication with spirit or ancestors. I knew some of the very complex history and stories that go with the song. But there was one I had not yet heard.

When I visited with Musekiwa, he played the song on the stereo. He explained that in his community each family has their own version of lyrics that go with the song. When I asked him for a translation of his family’s words, this is what he said. “This is the king’s chair. Who is sitting on the king’s chair? It is you.”

I told Musekiwa of my dream, and he told me that he was glad I listened when my spirits directed me to him. This is how I know that his music is the right fit for my meditations.

It just so happened I used this music for the first time in a meditation for the Leo New Moon – the time of year when we must step into our royalty. During these challenging times, we must remember each day that each one of us is the “king.” We must be confident in our inner power and authority to make the right choices for ourselves and the planet. The ancestors remind us it is so.

“This is the king’s chair. Who is sitting on the king’s chair? Ndiwe. Ndiwe. Ndiwe. It is you. It is you. It is you.”

I highly recommend spending a few dollars on Musekiwa’s album. It will carry you to other realms…

Click here to listen to more samples from Tomutenda Mambo by Musekiwa Chingodza and Bud Cohen.

With deep gratitude to Musekiwa Chingodza and his family, Marilyn Kolodziejczyk, Bud Cohen, and to the Spirits who brought us together.


Text © Marina Ormes 2013. All rights reserved.


  • gypsymw

    Reply Reply April 6, 2013

    WHAT A POWERFUL SHARING!!!!!  no accidents!  What a wonderful way for you to share more about your own inner spiritual experiences and to claim not only those “helpers” but acknowledging where you are lead in your work.  Makes it so exciting to hear stories like yours (and mine with the dream and happening )  Millions of others must feel, hear and dream the touch from the Inner Realms and we can help them share their own experiences. 

    Love, too, the reference to the “ancestors” because there is SO MUCH in the indigenous cultures ancient wisdom!!!!  Loved that which you related to the Zimbabwe ancestors.

    I was guided to reach out to 3 cultures last week in some new “friends” I am getting in touch with through the Shift Network and being a part of Andrew Harvey’s ChristPath Course.  On one day alone, I communicated with a professor in India, a regae musician in South Africa, and a Native American “transformational artist” in Santa Fe.  (Crow tribe) 

    Oh Marina, aren’t we mightily blessed?  My active participation in this new Course is furthering my own “outing” as a Spiritual teacher/facilitator/writer.  Am posting “my authentic Truth” and it feels so good…  Am fast loosing the timerity/”ego fear” I have had. 

    I, so rejoice with you and love how many instances in your own experience touch similar aspects of my own!

    Namaste, dear “Sister…” xoxo Marcella Maria

    Marcella R. Womack NEW DAWN Resource Development LLC dba NEW DAWN PUBLISHING Author, Speaker, Retreat Facilitator Kansas City, Missouri HEARTLAND, USA   THOUGHT FOR TODAY: “…to freely bloom – that is my definition of success.”  Gerry Spence, 1929    


  • thetwohoots

    Reply Reply April 6, 2013

    Oh wow, that is an awesome story!

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