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Many people are struggling right now to come to terms with the tragic loss of lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. This event comes at a critical choice point for conscious awareness.

2012 has been a year of awakening, or potential awakening, to greater possibilities. In recent years we have had the opportunity to confront and release old habits, patterns, and limiting beliefs and surrender more fully to living our own truth. Either by choice or through circumstance, many of us have let go of parts of ourselves ? marriages, jobs, or identities. Many of us have said goodbye to loved ones who have passed on.

And today we find ourselves on the brink of a new way of being.

Today?s much anticipated winter solstice ? aka 12/21/12 ? is yet another transition point. It is a potential for awakening, and we are invited to step into a higher vibration of awareness, love, and compassion.

As we make this shift into new ways of being, it can feel overwhelming to confront realities such as a horrific school shooting that reminds us of our powerlessness, pulling us back into fear and a sense of insecurity. Our immediate reaction is to grasp for power ? for control. We become angry, up at arms. We call for gun control, mental health reform, and lash out to find who we can blame. Sometimes we blame ourselves.

While these actions may help, they are a return to old ways of being ? what we know. But this time we are beginning to recognize how small these actions are compared to the magnitude of the problems we face. Along with grief can come a sense of overwhelm, futility, and hopelessness. We want to believe that love, compassion, and peace are coming more fully into our human experience, and then something overwhelmingly shocking and painful seems to prove to us that quite the opposite is happening.

But it isn?t. And here is why.

Love is everything. Love is how you feel about your family and friends. Love is how the universe feels about you. Love is how you are connected to people in the next town and in the next state or country where something horrible has happened. Love is what you feel for the children and adults who were killed. Love is what you feel for the children and adults who survived. Love is what you want others to feel about you.

Love is what you wish could have intervened to stop the tragedy from happening. And yet, the tragedy is exactly what was intended by love itself. Love has intended to awaken you. Love has intended that you will no longer stop its flow and cut yourself off from its power. Love does not intend to make you afraid. It is your choice to cut yourself off from love that causes you to react with fear and anger.

And so, it is your choice how to respond. In this situation, you have the choice to respond with hopelessness and despair, or to choose to live fully with what you have been given. Put yourself in the minds of the dead. Do they want you to give up because you were not able to protect them? Or do they want you to live into the future ? a future that is filled, by definition, with infinite possibility?

As a culture, we are very confused about death. We believe that it is something to avoid at all costs. And yet, if there is anything we are certain about it is that life ends in death. Death is not only a fact of life, it is also a reality that empowers us when we accept it. Because when we accept the full range of human experiences with love and compassion, we can be there for one another no matter what. And, deep in our hearts and souls, what we want is not to avoid death, but to be loved.

On this Winter Solstice 2012, whether or not it is the exact end date of the Mayan calendar, the future is being placed directly in your hands. Will you make a decision that the world is a hopeless place while you are still alive in it, facing a new day? Or will you choose to allow the love of the universe ? including the love of all those who have lived and died before you at Sandy Hook and elsewhere ? to flow into your heart and support you in what you know that you are here on Earth to do?

I have titled this article ?Is There Hope For the World?? But it is really not an article about hope. It is about choice. It is about you letting go of the now-loosened shackles and walking your path of freedom. This does not mean things will always be easy or perfect, but that you are here to remember and be who you are. There is no future unless you choose to step into it. And the future you are invited to step into is one filled with unconditional love and support in which you will co-create a completely new reality based in love and peace.


? Marina Ormes 2012. All rights reserved.