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The music of the Beatles was one of the outbursts of revolutionary/evolutionary energy that escaped like a tiger from a cage during the decade of the 1960s. The outer planets Pluto and Uranus were conjunct, or together in the sky, during that decade.

A conjunction is fertilizing or seeding energy. Now we are in the middle of the Pluto Uranus square, a time in the cycle between the two planets when we are pressured to bring new energy into physical form by making creative choices. Specifically, it is our task to take the visionary hopes, dreams, and messages of the 1960s and put them into action in our lives.

I have addressed the Pluto-Uranus square in previous posts. Today, on Thanksgiving, I want to discuss a different planet, the planet of transcendent love.

Love, I mean Neptune, recently ended several months of retrograde (backward from our perspective) motion. During retrograde motion a planet?s energy is experienced through inward processing. When it moves forward, the energy moves outward and we feel more movement, as though there is something we can do about it.

Currently, Neptune is gaining forward momentum in the first degree of Pisces, the sign of ego transcendence. What this means is that we have a tremendous opportunity available to us during the next 13 years while Neptune is in Pisces. We can connect with spirit and bring love and peace onto the planet in unprecedented ways. OR we can sleep through this opportunity, go unconscious, and live in a fantasy world of escapism and bright shiny objects (latest iPhone anyone?).

In other words, the only way we can actually create peace and love, bringing the message of the 1960s into physical reality, is by consciously choosing love. Over and over again we must make this choice. We must love ourselves, we must love our friends as well as our enemies, and we must be willing to surrender to the truth that we ourselves are loved unconditionally by spirit.

What this means is that you are love, and you are loved, no matter what. Regardless of whether you succeed or fail, whether you make mistakes or do everything right, or whether you are suffering or not. Despite all supposed evidence to the contrary, the fact remains that you are a divine child of the universe and it is your birthright to be and express who you are.

Today, on this day of celebrating gratitude, open yourself to new dimensions of possibility by choosing love. Because after all, it’s all you need.


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