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“The return of the Divine Feminine is not the elimination or diminishment of men. It is a reclaiming of what helps all of us create a new world.”

There are many misconceptions about what the ?divine feminine? or goddess energy is. Some believe it is something that only pertains to women, or to women?s mysteries. Others think it relates to women?s rights and the fight for equality. Yet another view puts women on a pedestal as being superior or more powerful than men. But the Divine Feminine actually relates to something much more pervasive than any of these views.

The divine feminine represents a polarity of energy that balances the divine masculine. These are archetypal ? or symbolic ? energies. Masculine and feminine are both part of our human wholeness and necessary for wellness and balance on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. All people need both polarities to be whole.

?Masculine? energies are more proactive and refer to logical thought (air) and decisive action (fire). We need these energies to think and communicate logically and to be self-confident, taking action when needed.

?Feminine? energies are more receptive and refer to internal experiences and the way that we perceive through the physical senses (earth) and also more subtle energies such as the way we process emotions and feel things intuitively (water). These energies are equally important in human health and creativity.

When we look at outward political and economic power in the western world, there is a fairly obvious imbalance between men and women. However, when we take a closer look, these imbalances affect ALL of us on deep levels.

For both men and women, power at deeper levels refers to the ability to be creative and live the life that is desired. When we do not have this kind of ?personal? power, we experience failure, overwhelm, depression, and loss of self-esteem.

To be effective conscious creators and feel good about the life we live, each of us needs to have this personal power. Personal power is rooted in both divine masculine AND divine feminine qualities.

In Western culture, we have gone about as far as we can toward valuing masculine qualities, and measuring ourselves according to the ability to think logically and act decisively. Not only do we devalue the feminine qualities of emotion and intuition, but we judge them negatively as representing ?weakness? or a waste of time.

The magic and synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) that are such a natural part of life in ?primitive? cultures are considered superstitious and downright ridiculous in mainstream western belief systems. When our beliefs and values only allow logical, cause-and-effect answers and methods of creativity, we close ourselves to the possibilities of receiving the intuitive insights that lead to heart-opening experiences, and the possibilities that magic and synchronicity may bring.

Consider for a moment how some of the most important moments in your life have arrived ? a job offer, a creative new idea, or a new love. Magic and synchronicity take place when we effortlessly receive something we want, or something that has deep meaning and significance. It often follows in the wake of logic and action, but it cannot happen without intuitive perception, emotion, and the ability to receive.

All artists know that creativity is not a linear process. You do not start at point A, follow steps B-E, and end up at point F. You start, you stop, you try, you fail, and when you are least expecting it, something comes to you ? in a magical and synchronistic way ? that opens a door to the next step.

If we are going to be conscious creators of our reality and create both the lives we want to live, and a new future for our planet, we need to embrace and value BOTH masculine and feminine qualities. We need to balance the ability to ACT with the ability to RECEIVE.

Bringing Divine Feminine energy onto the planet means we need to make more space for irrational and intuitive processes. We need to have a mind of wonder that is open to receiving new possibilities. We need to be open to the way after years of hard work, synchronicity mysteriously brings our deepest desires to greet us at our doorsteps. We must be willing not only to embody the masculine qualities of self-confidence, assertiveness, and decisive action, but also the feminine qualities of engagement with the physical world, willingness to experience pleasure, and the ability to intuitively trust and know.

When we return to a state of balance and wholeness with masculine and feminine energies in our individual and collective lives, we exponentially increase our personal power to create not only the lives we want, but also a new future for planet Earth. The return of the Divine Feminine is not the elimination or diminishment of men. It is a reclaiming of what helps all of us create a new world.


? Marina Ormes 2012. All rights reserved.