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2012 is a year of change. We experienced the first exact Pluto-Uranus square in June, highlighting the need to uncover our authentic self-expression to anchor new ways of being. Since April, Pluto has been retrograde and the work we have been doing is in the inner realm ? the psychological and emotional work necessary to ready ourselves to make the choices in the outer world that will bring lasting change to the planet.

September 2012 is the next turning point during which we must make some difficult choices to trust our inner knowing and stop listening to the messages of the status quo that hold us back from true power.

We must now wear our own crown and listen to our own authority. Each of us IS the teacher, leader, and authority figure that we traditionally have looked to for answers. We are creating new systems and structures across the board ? from a new understanding of financial security and political agendas to a new contract with regard to family bonds. It is time to let the messages of disempowerment go, forever. We must now know, choose, and act from the heart.

There is sadness as we let go of what we have relied on for many years, if not lifetimes. However, there is also an air of enthusiasm and hope for the future, as we let go of the victimhood, limitation, and helplessness to stand up and claim the freedom of empowered, heart-felt choices.

September culminates with the second exact Pluto-Uranus square on September 18 at 11:55 pm Pacific Time, 2:55 am on September 19 Eastern. This is both a crisis point and an opportunity to get crystal clear about who we are, what we choose, and what we believe.

About 24 hours prior to the exact square on September 18, Pluto stations direct. Pluto is a potent and massive energy of transformation, and as it changes direction to move forward, we shift from an emphasis on change at emotional and psychological levels, to an outward shift in the way we do business on many levels. Old emotional patterns have been losing their grip in preparation for action in the outer realm, all in the process of changing financial, political, social, educational, family, and many other structures.

CHOICE is crucial during this month, and specifically, taking leaps of faith based upon the wisdom of your heart will help you align with the birth process of a new Earth. Neptune in Pisces is helping us to awaken our awareness of ourselves AS divine source through which creation flows. The Full Moon in Pisces on the last day of August opened our hearts to the truth of this connection.

During the first half of the month, we are integrating what was learned during the Pisces Full Moon. We continue the work of grieving and letting go of what we thought/hoped for/expected, in order to make way for the change that we have been creating. When a woman gives birth to a child, she does not know what the child will look like, act like, or do in the world. We must be present with this same sense of awe and mystery as we hold space for this transformative process, in our own lives and in the heart of humanity.

On September 15 the Virgo New Moon begins a month-long cycle of focus on the practical details and the steps required to bring this change into being. The Aries Full Moon on September 29 brings an awareness of who we are as authentic changemakers. It reveals the individual decisions and actions that will help us to bring a new reality into being for planet Earth.

Take a deep breath and have a moment of gratitude for all the personal work you have done in your life, and in recent months in particular. Open yourself to the magic and mystery of what you have already created, but may not have experienced yet. Keep your eyes and ears open for the ways that the universe is speaking to you this month about who you are, and how to align with a new world.

As we cross this threshold, new possibilities are waiting to greet us.


? Marina Ormes 2012. All rights reserved.