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?[Mother Earth] has volunteered to put herself at risk to give us a chance of learning these lessons.?

It is time for change.

Many astrologers have been talking and writing about the Pluto-Uranus squares of 2012-2015 and we can feel the pressure of the symbolic and literal framework of reality beginning to crack. On June 24, 2012 this aspect will be perfect for the first of 7 times over the course of the next 3 years. (It came within a degree of exact in 2011.) The Sun will be squaring Uranus and opposing Pluto as this formation reaches exactitude. In other words, the three bodies will form 3 of the 4 points that make the corners of a complete square in the zodiac, so that as the Sun rises, Pluto will be setting and Uranus will be above our heads in the sky. Astrologers call this formation a t-square.

Two days later, on June 26, 2012, for a few hours the Moon will step into position forming the fourth point and last corner of the square, called a ?grand cross? in astrology. When the Moon steps into this position, as the Sun rises, Uranus will be directly above, Pluto will be setting, and the Moon will be below our feet in the sky on the opposite side of the Earth. When the half-full (first quarter) Moon rises, the Sun will be directly overhead (midday), Uranus will be setting, and Pluto will be below our feet in the sky on the opposite side of the Earth. Make sense? It evokes the sense of wonder and awe that our ancestors must have felt when the planets lined up in geometric patterns.

?If We Stay on the Same Road We Have Been Travelling on, We Will Pass by the Opportunity to go in a Different Direction, Forever.?

What does this mean for soul healing and evolution, both individually and collectively? Like an intersection of two lines that form the diagonals of the square (grand cross), we are at a crossroads. If we stay on the same road on which we have been travelling, we will pass by the opportunity to go in a different direction, forever. If we make a distinct shift in direction by turning the wheel, we must do so at the expense of the security of knowing what to expect. We must step into the unknown and trust that we will know how to navigate a new road ? or a new reality.

?Structures That Once Provided Security and Order Have Now Become Prisons That Keep True Freedom Out of Reach.?

Pluto is the farthest planet from the Sun. Wherever Pluto is in the zodiac, or in your own birth chart, it brings transformation. Pluto is known for being the Lord of the Underworld, or the bringer of death both literally and metaphorically. It fulfills an important function ? death brings a necessary end to all things temporal. Death clears the way for rebirth. Pluto is now in Capricorn, bringing death to form, to old systems and institutions, and to the establishment. It is bringing death to deeply rooted structures of containment and safety because they have completed their usefulness and become rigid. Structures (of family, finances, economics, religion, health care, justice, education, etc.) that once provided security and order have now become prisons that keep true freedom out of reach.

To understand the archetypal dynamics at play here, we turn now to the lightning-bolt- and earthquake-like energies of the planet Uranus forming a stressful (90 degree, or square) relationship to this natural death process as Pluto travels through Capricorn. Uranus is the planet of freedom, rebellion, and revolution; it is the planet that brings an upswelling of breakthrough energy that emerges from the parts of ourselves that crave freedom. Inevitably we feel the call to rise up and overthrow the powers that be, the Capricornian structures and authorities that keep us reasonable, civil, and quiet. Uranus, of course, is travelling through Aries, the sign of firey passion, pioneering individuality, and willingness to take action.

?We Need to Stop Clinging to the Safety of Old Structures and Authority and Trust the Truth Within.?

The evolutionary lesson here comes as a result of such action. We need to change direction. We NEED to burst out of the shell that has been both defining and confining us. We need to trust that our craving for authentic freedom is the way through all manner of personal and planetary crises. We need to stop clinging to the safety of old structures and authority and trust the truth within. I am quite sure I do not need to tell you that the ground of our being ? the source of our immediate safety and security: Mother Earth herself ? is in grave danger. She has volunteered to put herself at risk to give us a chance of learning these lessons.

These Pluto-Uranus energies will be in effect now through 2015 and beyond. The positions of the Sun and the Moon during the brief June 26 cardinal grand cross are in Cancer and Libra, respectively. The Sun ? the symbol of creative radiance and clear-headed rationality, and the Moon ? the irrational and intuitive needs of the heart and soul, point us to the nurturing and balancing energies of Cancer and Libra. They fill out the grand cross with a complete balance of elements (bringing Water and Air to balance Earth and Fire).

Our Invitation Here is to Step onto a New Path, One That Honors the Truth of Our Wholeness.

Each one of us has a piece of this truth that we have protected with layers of accumulated baggage. Each one of us must let this inner fire break free of the fears that hold it in place, and be willing to offer up the authentic gifts that are described in our own birth chart and shared with the world through the conscious choice to be true to who we are.

??You Will Benefit During This Time from Trusting Precisely the Answers That You Have Always Been Told Will Never Work.?

These revolutionary impulses will manifest differently for each one of us. You may find yourself in the role of revolutionary, but you also may find that you are going through breakdowns in relationship or career, losing loved ones, facing a health crisis, or simply realizing that business as usual is not working. No matter what your unique circumstances are, you will benefit during this time from trusting precisely the answers that you have always been told will never work. Honor the sacred truths in your heart, and begin listening more deeply to the wisdom that lies there. It has been waiting for your attention.

As the security of the predictable road ahead necessarily disappears into the rear-view mirror, listen to this wisdom and keep your eyes on the new direction ahead. Open your mind to the wonder and discovery of where this new direction will lead. With your very own hands on the steering wheel, anything you can imagine is possible.


? Marina Ormes 2012. All rights reserved.