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When seeking an astrology reading, do you stop and ask yourself if this is the right astrologer for you? You should. Because as in any other profession, astrologers vary widely.

Think about it. You are entrusting this person with guiding your spirit, interpreting your chart, and helping you make important decisions.

I sometimes hear stories from people who have had previous astrology readings in which they felt misled by their astrologer. I hear things like ?he or she told me what was wrong, but not what to do about it.? People tell me of warnings they received that they could not succeed financially, or that it was unlikely they would be in a long term relationship, and that they were given no guidance about how to handle these challenges.

Astrologers have different levels of skill and experience, and different approaches when looking at a chart. As a client, it is also important to state your needs and ask questions that will help you understand the interpretation.

There are two ways to approach making a wise decision when choosing an astrologer. One is logical (does the person meet certain criteria) and the other is intuitive (feeling the energy). Most of us use a combination of ?logic and intuition when making important decisions.

Whether you ask the person directly about their philosophy and approach or get a sense from a brochure or web page, here are some good questions to ask:

  1. How long have you been an astrologer and what is your area of expertise?
  2. What do you emphasize when doing a reading?
  3. What other training or life experiences do you have?
  4. What do your clients take away from readings with you?
  5. How do your readings help people?

For example, I am an Evolutionary Astrologer and have studied astrology since 1993. My approach is to look at the chart in terms of the bigger picture of past lives and evolutionary purpose. I use the Lunar Nodes to determine the story of past lives and of conditioning in this lifetime and unlocking clues to healing and aligning with life purpose. As a holistic nurse, I also look at the bigger picture of healing on the levels of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. I look at a chart to determine what the universe is asking of an individual, and how they can respond to feel empowered and fulfilled along their life path.

There are no ?right? or ?wrong? answers to these questions, but ask yourself if the answers to the above questions make you feel more or less comfortable about working with this person. You will know, on both the logical and the intuitive level, if the person is a good match for you.

The other part of the astrologer-client relationship is you. You can help make your reading the best it can be by:

  1. Setting your intentions for what you would like to receive during a reading
  2. Being open to what you hear and how it may challenge some of your existing beliefs
  3. Taking responsibility for listening to your own inner wisdom about what you are hearing
  4. Letting your astrologer know where you are coming from and what is important to you
  5. Asking clarifying questions if something does not make sense to you

When you are ready for a reading, make sure you are working with an astrologer who is the right match for you. Then open your mind to the unconsidered possibilities that point the way to a deeper understanding of who you are and why you are here.


? Marina Ormes 2012. All rights reserved.