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Beyond Limitation: The Most Important Choice I Have Ever Made

This is not a traditional blog post. It is a marketing message. Yes, I am trying to sell you something. Read on to find out why.

I have spent almost 20 years formally studying and practicing astrology and holistic healing, including a shamanic perspective on healing that includes channeling, trancework, and transformation on multidimensional levels. However, it has only been in the past year that I have SHIFTED my perspective and my awareness into the way it feels to live in a reality that I could not have imagined before.

What I have learned is that when you are IN reality, you can’t see beyond it.

What made this shift for me was a choice. It was a choice that no one told me to make, because no one else could see it either. In fact, all rational logic in my existing reality told me not to make it. It was beyond scary. It pushed me through the previously impenetrable belief that if I made this particular choice, I would go down a dark road that went from bad to worse and probably ended in a horrible, lonely death. I will spare you a recounting of my actual past life memories.

It was the choice to spend money on my own empowerment.

The leap of faith that I made followed years of knowing that I had a creative vision but did not know what to do with it. It followed literally decades of prayer, intentions, and failed attempts to create it. But even in the moment when the opportunity came, I did not recognize it. It took the overwhelming power of my intuition and loud guidance from spirit to get my attention and help me recognize that this moment was a turning point.

When I made the choice to spend money on my own empowerment, my world changed. I went through about 3 days of learning to cope with the massive anxiety that came up. Then I moved on, knowing that I had taken the plunge and now there was no choice other than to commit fully to my power, and to continue acknowledging and moving through whatever emotions or beliefs came up that got in the way of my success.

Although at the time I made this shift I did not yet know it, that day I stepped out of a reality where I would always be limited into one where I had the possibility of freedom. They are different worlds, and even though I still deal with my same old issues, it is as if I have journeyed to a new land and will never be the same again. What made the difference was the choice to spend money in a way I never had before.

If you are reading this, I want the same for you.

When you spend money, you are making choices. When you feel limited and as though there is not enough for what your soul craves, you are creating a reality that is limited and does not serve the evolutionary needs of your soul.

When you shift this reality by choosing to make an investment in all that you are capable of, you send a message to the universe that you are willing to succeed in aligning with your deepest desires, passions, and truths.

It is a scary place to step into. That is why I have made my programs accessible to you with very minimal investments, so that you can try making this commitment for yourself in ways that feel safe, and learn more about what I have to offer.

I invite you to check out my Manifesting with Moon Cycles subscription service. This is a very accessible and yet profoundly transformative programs that I offer at very affordable rates. It is your future, and your potential. I KNOW you can become empowered as an effective self-healer and manifest your dreams.

Here are some examples of how people have been impacted by my work. (See more testimonials.)

“I have learned more than I even hoped for from Marina. She has a thorough understanding of astrology – a system for understanding the deepest needs and passions of a person. As a life and leadership coach I use paradigms and strategies to help people access and step into their full potential, but quite frankly, the system of evolutionary astrology that Marina uses gets us there faster. She uses astrology as a tool for healing – not for “curing” necessarily – but for recognizing the individual’s deepest purpose and place of fulfillment, and helping them to align with their challenges in a way that leaves them feeling whole and at peace.”

-Deborah Munhoz MS, CPC, Certified Physician Development Coach at Pure Success Coaching

??touched my heart and provided the most profound sense of comfort I have felt in a very long time.? -Charlon Bobo

?…given me a new outlook on my path and the gifts I am meant to share? -Charlon

?I am TRULY feeling the body/mind/spirit connection, probably for the first time in my life.? -Sara

?deep insight into my chart that neither I, nor other astrologers have put into such useful words? -Kirstin

?I was questioning my next step and found that the answer has been there all along? -Emilee

?I am much more confident in what I need to do? -Robine

?gently and wisely expanded my heart to a deeper openness? -Cherie

?I am struck by how deep into our soul and being evolutionary astrology can go.? -Kevin


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