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According to some scholars, the Mayan calendar ended on Oct. 28, 2011. Does this mean that if we have failed to transcend to a higher dimension that it was all a lie? I would like to share my perspective on this as well as astrology and unity consciousness.

Our Experience Here in the Solar System is One of Cycles.

This is due to the fact that our Earth, and the other planets and physical objects are also in orbit. The Earth and planets also rotate about their axes. This causes us to experience repeating themes, such as night and day, and seasons. However, the bigger picture of these cycles is that they change over time. Each cycle takes place under different evolutionary conditions, and in a potentially different reality.

We have experienced massive changes in recent centuries, and the pace of evolutionary change has sped up even more in recent decades. This correlates with the fractal structure of the Mayan calendar (see www.calleman.com), in which this accelerated change is predicted.

The Mayan calendar and other indigenous prophecies refer to a transformation in consciousness that is available to us during this time. The key word here is available. In our ordinary, human experience of reality, time goes on. The Sun still rises and sets, the moon continues to wax and wane. We wake up to the same problems that were there yesterday.

However, in my experience and according to my teachers and guides, something quite key shifted on Oct. 28 and will never be the same. That is the way in which we have access to a new paradigm of unity. This new paradigm is not a given. We will not simply wake up to a perfect world of peace and harmony with a healthy body, win the lottery, never have relationship issues again, and live happily ever after. To accept this new paradigm we must accept responsibility for a new level of consciousness.

A New Paradigm Will Not Replace the Old One Overnight.

However, the door has been opened that provides us with access to infinite support, information, and abundance. In order to access it we must be willing to accept our role as divine creators standing strong in the center of our reality.

What this means is that reality does not change unless we decide to change it. Transformation comes through our conscious awareness and choices. All of the tools we have acquired are still relevant: breathing, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, intention-setting, present moment awareness, etc.

It Is Important to Remember to be Patient with Ourselves and Ask for Help.

We have to learn that we do not have to repeat old habits and patterns just because we always have. We have to learn that we have access to all the tools we need in every single present moment. We have to learn that we are not simply a sum of our reactions and behaviors. This learning takes time.

Self-love, self-acceptance, and trust are some of our greatest powers right now. When you find yourself in a situation that feels frustrating or overwhelming, state the following to yourself ?this is exactly where I need to be.? Then repeat it until you believe it. The clarity about what to do next will naturally emerge from this feeling of peace and rightness.

While the evolution of consciousness may well have made a giant leap forward, astrological cycles continue to describe opportunities to transform in the here and now. As we walk through these cycles in our daily lives, we can continue to open to new ways of knowing and new ways of being.

? Marina Ormes 2011. All rights reserved.